Military Grade PPO or CP

Hi! There is one thing I really miss in this game and that is more military grade buildings. I began a design on my own but gave up because of lack of time. Anyway I'd like to share here a few ideas now that there are several topics about getting rid of Fbs or implementing more PPOs.   The design consist of an elevated area with sand walls, pits for Aas or Ats and a bunker with a trench around. The bunker shown is been modelled from pics of real german wwII bunker. I had in mind an AT bunker variant.     The fact that is above ground provides with: better field of view above lines of bushes. solves the trench thing (you can't not go below ground now with present terrain). makes it impossible to camp from outside.     The only access to the PPO area is by a ramp behind: the access ramp can be blocked by defenders by using already existing PPOs, like barbed wire, sand bags, etc The ramp should be big enough to allow a truck to get in so to place a FMS inside.     Use of this design: As a PPO. With new constraints like: - bigger times for deployment - Deployed by a combination of truck + engineer or truck + Ml, or ML + engineer - To be deployed, Increased minimum distance to enemy facilities than FMS   Not a PPO but implemented in the world. I Would place it protecting a bridge, the main entrance of Abs, Crossroads, RR bridge, etc. The bunker would have open doors and whoever gets to it can use it.   CP. This variant of CP would have CLOSED bunker doors and a pool of, lets say couple of lmgs and 8 to 10 rifles, maybe one sniper. You spawn in it and you can not leave bunker but if the bunker is well placed, you don't need to, you are just covering a specific area, bridge, AB, thats the point. Nowadays there is No place in the game where you can be with your back fully covered.  Two variants: 3.1 Bunker door can't be broken. Can't be capped. To disable you need to kill all defenders, smoke it..... 3.2 Bunker door can be blown by engineer.   in the end, I miss the kind of Normandy landing feeling when assaulting or facing one of those ahead. Ideas, suggestions, opinions?
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