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Default "Chat" Channels Revision

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20 minutes ago, aismov said:

Maybe one thing that would help is that for the Friday updates have a bunch of bullets of the ongoing projects, even if there is nothing concrete that week ppl will see that things are being done.

For example I doubt many people realize that xl2ripr is working on new buildings.

Most players don't even know who he is probably.

So for example:

Modelling: Ripr continues to work on big city block building model with the rest of the environmental team.

... And so on down the line. That way people maybe have a better idea of what going on.

Only thing I would add to aismov's quote above would be a %complete and projected release # along side each of the bulleted items he proposed above. This would allow us to see  what is pending and where/if our "pet features" fall in the pending queue. 
Oh.. and keep the bullet descriptions high level, no need to make this onerous.  

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22 minutes ago, delems said:

Ok, Origin is a completely worthless radio channel, no need for it.

It is or was used by air, since target etc could switch a lot, to keep background noise down on the main numeric air channels
Used to be used by ground to talk across missions/objectives, though it has maybe gone out of style.

Dont know that i would remove it, maybe not set it as a default for anything, but i think i would keep it available if needed.

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1 hour ago, XOOM said:

Genuine question here: How do we make resource distribution more clear? Does it matter to you as players? Does it just come across as making excuses for not doing things ( even though it's not )? I don't mean to be critical in saying that, I just truly want to find a way to effectively convey this because I think, far exceeding this particular topic, it's important for players to know who's doing what and that we're not ignoring things. Perhaps only the solution in a timely manner matters and no explanation is acceptable. If that's the case, do our words matter?

Hmm, can't speak for most as I'm coming at this from a different direction where literally everything I do at my job is a multi-disciplinary affair but we interact with people all over our enterprise only less then the server/storage/network, and I have wide-ranging interactions of differing apps/client/database/OS enviornments.

So, I get it, at least the it that the database people aren't going to be working internet connection issues (except insofar as any timeouts/transaction recoveries they may have).

Now of course this doesn't mean I have it all 'right', can easily mean I am confused at a higher level.  But at least I'm going to understand the principle of specialization and disparate resource availability.


The above critiques and suggestions I have stem from literally a decade plus of realizing the way we comm greatly impacts gameplay.  So completely independent of alternate voicecomms I'm coming at this from recognizing this element as a top 5 pay attention/get it right design musts.  I don't think this is going to be an improvement, at least from what I can glean the objectives are, so that stands apart from the alternative resources bit.


I brought up the voice comms because it achieves the business goal much more broadly, avoids going down a rabbit hole I see problems with, and integral deployment should largely be resource independent of 1.36.

Mostly it should be the game package guy, the Discord admins coming up with a package, and the internal game GUI, which last I knew was supposed to be 'easy' to update, being HTML-like.

Game package guy is probably busy putting together each release candidate for 1.36 for the beta testers so I get not sidetracking or putting in extra complications for that distribution, but the Discord and GUI guys could be working this, when they are done should be relatively simple to plug into the installer/package for a post-1.36.01 patch.

Pardon my saying so, but I expect your part of the current channel work is the GUI, which is supposed to be the 'weblike ease' part.  Well then, you could probably be working the voice install/GUI or even a 'right now' instruction tab selection, and getting to a better solution with minimal impact to the core people on 1.36.


Now I can have all this wrong because of things I don't know about the behind-the-scenes operations, but at least when I suggest these things with time urgency I am attempting to consider what is being done and who is busy on higher priorities.  Best I can do on the outside looking in.


As to your larger issue with resource/skill set employment, I don't know to what extent the effort to explain is worth it.  I think a lot of people's eyes would glaze over if you gave them Gantt charts or other professional project/resource management expressions, I guess I would go more for metaphors like you can't task the plumber to fix your house wiring, best he stick to pipes and the electrician to power/control.

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What we need is a NEW PLAYER channel that can't be toggled off no matter how hard one tries along with that a PM flash message viewable by the new player and not just a typewriter sound in the chat bar along with a simple reply here button /function.

Anything else in my eyes is a waste of time , we can't help new players if we can't reach them along with maybe a menu that let's the new player select what language his native tongue is so we can maybe direct him to the right player . ( I think another player awhile ago had the idea to besides the name tag have language tag of what tongue they are able to speak. ) which in my eyes is not a bad idea.

Myself I speak German and English fluently.  

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