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Mouse cursor don't work on OSX (old problem)

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Since one of the first patches after the old Dev team left has the mouse cursor stop working on OS X (10.13.6). I have tried on three different Macs; iMac (2010), iMac (2017), MacBook Pro (2015).

NOTE! There is two issues actually. I suspect they're part of the same problem.

First, we can no longer use the cursor by clicking the alt-key/ctrl-key (even forgot which key it is). Before did we click the alt/ctrl key and then could we interact with the HUD when spawned in, like extending the chat window. Move around the various info windows in the HUD. I can't do this since two (?) years now.

If I takes up the map when spawned in can I change the channels with the mouse cursor. It's a bit cumbersome but it's doable.


Second, at some occasions the mouse cursor suddenly pops up on the screen. When it does can't it interact with the HUD/UI. This is not a major issue but just an annoying bug with the cursor moving around on the screen as I move around the mouse.

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I have never had a mouse issue with my Mac and the game. What kind of mouse is it? I have heard of some people having issues with Magic Mouse but not sure what their resolutions were. I use a regular USB mouse. 

Now the key mapper for bringing up the mouse cursor has changed about 6 months ago. I think default now is "Left Shift + Left Alt" to bring up the mouse cursor. I changed mine back to just "Left Alt".

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Ah! It's a new setting for the cursor. Thanks Scking!

I have a Razer DeathAdder (5 buttons) USB.

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