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It was late and the latest Allied assault had finally been repulsed. EWS was light so I was FRU hunting to make sure as an infantryman.

LIUKL, in a Tiger, drove out to meet any re-incursion from one of several enemy FBs that linked to our town.

Meanwhile, a Stuart tank had moved toward town, creeping and stopping. We had a general idea but not visual.

Over the next few minutes, it became obvious the Stuart was stalking the Tiger.

I'm running across the countryside and finally get a visual, marked the Stuart, and shot a quick PM to LIUKL.

The Stuart moved forward but was quickly engaged.  The Stuart rapidly retreated to a more defensible position but LIUKL continued firing and killed the Stuart.

The Allied AO came down a few minutes later and we both moved to the Axis AO.

LIUKL grabbed another Tiger and I tag-alonged in a Stug3G. He waited for me to catch up so we approached the town together. 

LIUKL had the overwatch position with elevation so I moved downslope into a shallow depression while still covering the main road to our front.

LIUKL actively engaged multiple tanks and ATGs over the horizon from my position.  Meanwhile, I stayed alert, ranged possible target lanes, conserving my limited ammo.

We tag-teamed a Sherman and then LIUKL was killed. On my own, I was anxious. I rarely fight in AFV vehicles so I'm sweating.

LIUKL quickly returned and placed a FRU next to my position for ammo resupply.  I proceeded to throw a great deal of HE onto the bridge and its underpass to keep the Allies honest.

Our infantry were heavily engaged in town and had capped the AB but two Allied spawn depots were available and they were spawning like mad per comms.

I could hear a Panhard lurking in the bushes to my front but no visual yet. I oriented my gun and kept scanning. There! Target sighted, switch to gun - bah!!! Not enough traverse to the right, fire up the engines to reposition.

And then the dance started as the Pan burst forward from the bushes and closed on my position. Driver, gear/throttle, commander scan, slew the gun . . . Pan changing directions as I responded to his movements. He's circling and within 100m, he's lining up for a shot as I snap a shot as he flashes by; hitting the engine where the Pan explodes a few seconds later.

We lose the AB finally, cap one of their spawns but one remains and their numbers continue to overwhelm us in town.

I have Sherman audio on my left flank, and a Stu pops out from the smoke at the underpass to my front. I'm worried but I hope to pop the Stu quick and locate the Sherm. I'm shooting upslope and my first round is short, two more rounds just go over the Stu's turret.

BANG! Gunner and comander dead and I explode a few shots later.

57 minutes of fun-filled anxiety, a handful of kills (tanks, gun, couple of ei) and a solid grin on my face.

All because I PMed a guy who I had fought in the same battles but never directly communicated with. LIUKL's support allowed for me to stay in the fight longer and to have some great fun. KUDO's, sir.

That's what makes this game great and better than the others. The friendships and the grand canvas we have to play on are unmatched in MMO's.

I just wanted to share this story when today there have been some impassioned opinions on the forums. I have my own hot takes but I would hope that despite our differences we can recognize that without the efforts of a mostly-volunteer organization our grand game would be long gone.

We can have our disagreements but I hope that we are all united in wanting the game to continue. 

Take care and see you on the battlefield,



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Those are some of the best days , when you hook up with a random person and Team play , a few campaigns ago I had one of these like you , I was a 3h and @hastienwas INF and he would tell me where and when a Tank would enter the Forrest , I can't recall how many Tanks I bagged but it was one of my best 3h sorties vs Enemy Armor all due to Hastien and his intel.

If my memory serves me right the enemy called the attack shortly after they could not get past that Forrest and closer to town . 

Great post Tex.

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I totally agree with you. The great thing about this game is the cooperation

In this decade of gaming, I've always thought that collaboration was the game's greatest joy. Although I don't know English, it doesn't affect us. As a veteran, I can understand your tactical intent.

The fun in cooperation is far greater than The simple killing!!

Happy cooperation!!!


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32 minutes ago, liukl said:



The fun in cooperation is far greater than the simple killing!!



Liukl:  Wěidà de yóuxì wánjiā  S!

< pengyou >

Ci vediamo sul campo di battaglia > Ella/QOR 

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Liukl:Wěidàdeyóuxìwánjiā  S!


Ci vediamo sul campo di battaglia> Ella / QOR 

This is great for the game, not the greatness of the player.
Great is the rat, persisted for 20 years, brought us this game

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On 2019/3/25 at AM0点30分, dre21 said:

那些是最美好的日子,当你与一个随机的人和团队游戏联系起来时,在几个活动之前,我有一个像你这样的人,我是3小时,@ hastien是INF,他会告诉我何时何地坦克将进入福雷斯特,我不记得我装了多少坦克,但这是我最好的3小时出击与敌人装甲之一,都归功于哈斯蒂安和他的英特尔。



My best experience is to open a British 40MM tank, fight for ten hours, and then live rtb. During the period, my teammates replenished me with ammunition several times and 30 kilometers, and I finally got 1100 points.Thanks to my teammates

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