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Naval brigade mission bug

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*TESTED @ Andenne Docks*

If you click to join a naval brigade but don't create a mission and instead hit the "back" button that returns you to the naval brigade page. Normally you should see:


Andenne Naval Garrison

7. zerstroyerflotile

8. zerstroyerflotile


And you should be able to double-click and return to the create mission page. Except the naval garrison doesn't show up, and the only way to create a mission is to join a completely different garrison, and then click on the map and rejoin the naval garrison.

There are no issues with the Air or Ground Garrisons... if you back out of the mission screen you will always see the "Haybes Garrison" or whatever town you are in, and can always go forward and post missions.

Hope this makes sense. Can get screenshots if necessary.

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