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These timers are killing the fun

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Let me try to explain why capture timers are messed up imo.  We'll go with even pop timers.

Let's say my newbie squad has just formed, we got 5 players.

We'd like to team, work together, cut, capture, you get the picture.


We decide to take Schilde from axis, we note that there are 5 CPs.

(ok - couple assumptions, there will be no defenders and attackers instantly move from CP to CP)

If we team up, it will take us 11 1/2 minutes to capture the CPs. (remember, no travel time)

If we solo spread apart (promotes teaming???), we'll cap the same 5 CPs in 4 min.


So, I can take the town in 11+ minutes if we team, or 4 minutes if we go solo.......


Also, if we team; the defense will show up after just 1 capture, if we go solo, defense won't show up till every CP lost.


imo, if a squad/side can get 3 or 4 cappers into a CP, they should be rewarded with a 1 min capture timer; not the 3 min we currently have.

Sure, maybe make solo capper slower; but a team should cap fast.



1 Player: 3 min

2 Players: 2 min

3+ Players: 1 min

Leave the severe sliding scale in for now.

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In your scenario Delems what should the timers be for your 1/2/3+ cappers if they are overpop or underpop?

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Keep the same severe sliding scale for now, so over pop: (i.e. by 50% or more)

1 capper, 4 min 30 sec

2, 3 min

3+, 90 seconds


Under pop:
1 capper, 90 seconds

2, 60 seconds

3+, 30 seconds


Note, I think the sliding scale is to severe, but in the interest of not changing to much at once, and keeping some advantage for underpop side - I'd say let is slide for now.

Note2, I'd prolly dump SD too, first - would remove that pesky EnterWorld bug and second, defender can cap much faster than attacker if under pop.

If we need to see who is over or under pop - just color code the name of the nation, like we already do - just have no SD.

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Going to completely kill this game with capture times so terribly disgustingly slow.

Went on one attack mission;  sat in a CP 5 min with others trying to just reset it.

Completely insane and stupid.

Base time is too long, and sliding scale is too severe.

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from what I've seen the primary way a depot gets capped now is when it's unguarded, and then it's usually liberated 

just happened a few times in Stenay and Grandpre, axis capped spawns in both towns simultaneously but it's so easy to retake when the attacker needs so many seconds of occupation just to undo the defending SMG that runs in and lives for five seconds before dying

since CRS refused to add in a population floor one side hits max capture penalty/buff even when there are like 30 people online

this is supposed to be a beta campaign but I'm not seeing any real beta testing because no one can sustain a fight

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Anyone think it might be because one side is so severely overpop that the algorithms just cannot cope?

It is very true that most cps are taken unguarded, as defenders on a underpop side have to split between cp guarding and finding/killing the ems.

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