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      NEW Career Subscriptions now available   06/08/2019

      The all new highly anticipated / requested "Career Based Subscriptions" are available through www.WWIIONLINE.com/account only, starting at $9.99! There are three new subscriptions being added; 1) All Infantry at $9.99/mo, 2) All Air Forces at $9.99/mo, 3) All Ground Forces (Army Persona) at $12.99/mo. Continue reading to learn more and get back into the fight now! View the full article on battlegroundeurope.com
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      18th Anniversary Event Awards!   06/23/2019

      This year we are giving out trophies and awards for the top players during the "Kill a RAT" event! We need the following players to contact @CHIMM at chimm@corneredrats.com with your physical address to mail these out.   @mook2  @dasei88  @c00per  @kardehk  @chau90  @kdped02  @Simcha  @pulfer  @bus0    
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Subscriber Drive - Support Development!

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Attention all soldiers of WWII Online! With the release of our 2019-20 Roadmap we’re calling for your support now to help us deliver on our goals outlined. We’re going to keep this Subscriber Drive within the WWII Online billing framework and ask for your support in the form of subscriptions - because that helps us maintain and further grow our operations. It is also a great way for you to get the maximum game access possible. Each and every subscription matters now and will be contributed to two primary goals: 1) Hero Builder Goal, 2) Premium Subscriber Goal. Continue reading and lets help push new exciting content into WWII Online!

eKII?d=yIl2AUoC8zA eKII?d=qj6IDK7rITs eKII?i=x8nZLnIvCDk:iLRJzaLCj48:gIN9vFwOqvQ eKII?i=x8nZLnIvCDk:iLRJzaLCj48:V_sGLiPBpWU eKII?i=x8nZLnIvCDk:iLRJzaLCj48:F7zBnMyn0Lo

View the full article on battlegroundeurope.com

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The front page with the subscription totals looks a bit wonky.  The Premium Subscription bar is partially colored in but the number reads '0'.

Also, suggest there be a continuing emphasis on the Drive in the forums and elsewhere.  Saw the rollout but not much since.  Perhaps put a reminder on the game login screen and pin it for a while.  That way everyone who logs in sees it before playing. 

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We really need your subscription help to continue development.  Read our 2019 roadmap it's very ambitious but the bottom line is we need you subscribing!



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