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      Attention All Soldiers, Operation Fury needs you.  You need to choose a side and sign up.  
      For more intel on Operation Fury Please click HERE Please go to Special Event Forum (here), And sign up for allied or axis.
      This will be a CRS Lead event on both sides.  Xoom will be heading up the axis side and Heavy265 will be heading up the Allied side. This will be for bragging rights.
      Why are we asking players to sign up you ask. We are trying for a role play experience.   We want this to be a true realistic event.  
      So get up and sign up and let's make this the best event ever!!!!!!!!!!
      Give me your war cry, grrrrrrrrrrrrr
      Heavy265 **out**
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Regular Mini-Campaigns

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As someone who thinks the sides are pretty balanced in terms of equipment, I think the following would be very interesting:

After each campaign, there should be a mini-campaign that lasts for 1 week.

The mini-campaigns would be different in purpose that the existing campaigns. 

The purpose of the mini-campaigns would be to see how long the other side could hold out for (to a maximum of 1 week).  In other words, each campaign would have a defensive side and an offensive side.

In my opinion, the following two situations might make excellent mini-campaigns:

Operation Dynamo (On or after May 26, 1940)
Focuses on the Allied evacuation at Dunkirk.

Battle of the Bulge (On or after December 26, 1944)
Focuses on the Allied closing of the Bulge after the failed Axis offensive.


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100% agree. I posted something similar a while back. I think a big side benefit is that CRS can spend the week of the minicampaign by make radical changes to spawn, capture, and timer mechanics and see how it plays out.

EDIT: One thing that I thing is important for the mini campaign is to have major and minor victory conditions, where something like you said to hold out and maintain X towns counts as a victory. And naturally there should be a running tally of who has won the mini campaigns as well to give players incentive to compete for the win.

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All for it - I've got an Operation Market Garden idea for a mini-campaign as well. Hell, the reason I resubbed last year was the Siege of Lille event. 

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