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I got knifed this morning....

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So this morning like most morning....

I brew my coffee and sat down, opened the game to check the map and assist the Player Base with my 30 minutes of game play before going to work...

Killing a dozen Uglies, Matamor and Zep34... Saving a town by recapping the lost CPs.... Routine.

Sipping on my coffee I SUDDENLY found myself between two bushes in a knife to knife combat with a guy I never heard of before.... 

I get hit.... Die. WHOAAAAT!!!??

I squeeze the handle of my coffee cup.... Coffee spills of my half open mouth... And I fall into a 5 seconds mini depression...  O U C H.... I tell Majes99... No support... His answer : "LOL"



The pro side... I know now how the last 100 guys I slaughtered feel now... But man.... Bad way to start my day.

Good job Sir! (bast**d)





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