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Squad support tools.

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I keep hearing 'we supporting squads', but I'm not seeing a lot in action.

Yes, 1.36 helps - but TOE flags have more supply than garrisons - so again - reliance on HC....

Proximity AOs will help, but where are they?

Squads can do nothing for bridges, again reliance on HC.....

And we squad COs have nothing to help manage our squad. (ok, not quite true - the squadtools page does help some).

Had newbie ask me, how do I know what team I'm in, how do I know who is in charge?
I couldn't answer him.


If we want COs to grow their squads, we need more tools to manage our squads.

I specifically would like:
Assign rank to squad members - this rank goes to every branch and does not interfere with getting gear - shows in game and on squad tab listing

Assign members to unit - have a label for the unit and slightly off color them so each unit a different shade of gray/white.

Color code sub of member in the squad listing - way to hard to remember what every squaddie has access to or not;  I need to be able to see at a glance if premium, starter or FPA.

Two more columns in squad tab listing: squad rank and squad unit - both should be sortable.


All for now, sure I've forgotten something.

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