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New UI for creating missions - organizing existing missions

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I think just reworking the current design a bit would be useful - and not necessarily a massive overhaul. Maybe something along the lines of......


Main idea is to organize missions having to do with the AO vs. DO vs. other stuff. For example - If an attack order was on Lier - all missions originating here would be grouped under the attack order. You would also put missions in there from a backline or connecting town that had a target of Lier (or a Lier FB).

Similarly for the DO section. It would be any mission originating from the DO - or from surrounding towns with a target relating to the DO. 

Then - just make the mission creation part a 2 step process. When you select the town initially - and click "Create Mission" - you are given 2 steps. First choose the brigade (it should show you a preview of supply before you post the actual mission). Step 2 would be defining the mission origin and target. You can select the origin and target on the map much like you do today - but the UI also lists out all available spawn points which you can reasonably post a mission from. It should do the same for targets. Targets can be - cities (area attack/defend), specific CP's, FB's, connecting town's and CP's. So we are not messing with any of the mechanics, rather just provide a list of valid origin's and targets for the town. The targets would need to update dynamically based on the origin. 

I think the benefit of something like this - is you don't have to hunt around this stupid map that keeps refocusing and resizing, etc. Makes it pretty straight forward and would be a solid initial move in the right direction.

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