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Move to squad action asap.

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Ok, rats have 5 big bugs they working on - need to fix them prior to next map and out of BETA.  Get that done.

Then, complete the move from HC direction to squad action imo.  Leave some HC of course, for general comms and rah rah and strategy.  They also can place/clear AOs if no squads take action.

1) Get to proximity AOs soon as can - empower squads.

2) Change bridges to always be able to destroy or rebuild - change points to 1 for destroy or rebuild.

3) Remove TOE flags, give each squad a flag;  small: 1 platoon supply, med: 2 supply, large: 3 supply. (maybe just start with 1 to see how it goes)

4) Cut capture times to 1 min for 2+, 2 absolutely tops for 1 (remove mole peskiness).  As much as I abhor the sliding cap timer, leave it in for now. (maybe tone it down)

5) Remove SD - or fix the EnterWorld bug.


Maybe this can't all be done right way... but thinking this should be the longer term goal?


I'm concerned about staying in this quasi HC/squad mode, each having some control, but not enough to grow. (i.e. with 1.36 supply being everywhere)




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