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Spelling issues - Naming of depots and railroad stations

How to name big cities?   6 members have voted

  1. 1. Compass direction first, or after, main name of town? And should abbreviation be used?

    • Brussels NW
    • NW Brussels
    • Brussels North West
    • North West Brussels
  2. 2. Link depot naming standard (in relation to above)?

    • Brussels NW-Aalst Depot <-> Aalst-Brussels NW Depot
    • Brussels North West-Aalst Depot <-> Aalst-Brussels North West Depot
    • North West Brussels-Aalst Depot <-> Aalst-North West Brussels Depot
    • Brussels NW - Aalst Depot <-> Aalst - Brussels NW Depot
    • NW Brussels - Aalst Depot <-> Aalst - NW Brussels Depot
    • BrusselsNorthWest-Aalst Depot <-> Aalst-BrusselsNorthWest Depot
    • BrusselsNW-Aalst Depot <-> Aalst-BrusselsNW Depot

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At first glance I thought I found two depots misspelled in Brussels:

  • Brusels NW - NE Depot ->with right spelling would be-> Brussels NW - NE Depot
  • Brusels NW - SW Depot ->with right spelling would be-> Brussels NW - SW Depot

Although if we follow the "Antwerpen standard" all names would be shorter, and the more I think about it, all towns have this standard. First name is "where you are", next is where the depot is linking, meaning the following corrects the above two to:

  • "NW-NE Depot" (in Brussels NW) should link to "NE-NW Depot" (in Brussels NE)
  • "NW-SW Depot" (in Brussels NW) should link to "SW-NW Depot" (in Brussels SW)

No worries about confusion: you will always be lost in these big cities anyway. But with the shorter names at least you "should know" that the first abbreviation is "where you are", the city name at this point is not that important.


Following along the same (picky) lines this would become a rather long list:

  • Brussels North West
    • Brussels NW-Temse Depot -> Brussels NW - Temse Depot
    • Brusels NW - NE Depot -> NW-NE Depot
    • Brusels NW - SW Depot -> NW-SW Depot
    • Brussels NW Railway Station -> actually good name, because links not active, but in the future I would love to have another type of link. Name-wise otherwise railroads are a mess which otherwise would give these alternatives:
      • Brussels NW - Antwerpen Central(-Liege) Railway Station
        • The link would logistically suggest going to Antwerpen, but today that station points to Liege
      • maybe in future: Brussels NW - Boom Railway Station
  • Brussels North East
    • NE Brussels-Leuven Depot -> Brussels NE - Leuven Depot
    • Brussels NE - SE Depot -> NE-SE Depot
    • NE Brussels-Mechelen Depot -> Brussels NE - Mechelen Depot
    • Brussels NE - NW Depot -> NE-NW Depot
    • Brussels East Armybase -> Brussels NE Armybase
  • Brussels South West
    • Brussels SW - NW Depot -> SW-NW Depot
    • Brussels SW - SE Depot -> SW-SE Depot
    • Brussels South West City -> Brussels SW City
    • SW Brussels-Aalst Depot -> Brussels SW - Aalst Depot
    • SW Brussels-Waterloo Depot -> Brussels SW - Waterloo Depot
    • Brussels South Armybase -> Brussels SW Armybase
    • SW Brussels-Halle Depot -> Brussels SW - Halle Depot
  • Brussels South East
    • Brussels SE - SW Depot -> SE-SW Depot
    • Brussels SE - NE Depot -> SE-NE Depot
    • SE Brussels-Wavre Depot -> Brussels SE - Wavre Depot
    • Brussels South East City -> Brussels SE City
    • Brussels South East Army Base -> Brussels SE Armybase
    • Brussels-Lille Railway Station -> Brussels SE Railway Station
  • Mechelen
    • Mechelen-NE Brussels Depot -> Mechelen - Brussels NE Depot or Mechelen-Brussels NE Depot
  • Leuven
    • Leuven-NE Brussels Depot -> Leuven - Brussels NE Depot
  • Temse
    • Temse-Brussels NW Depot -> keep, NW is not in the way
    • Temse-S Antwerp Depot -> Temse - Antwerpen South Depot
      • Meaning all depots in Antwerpen beginning with "S " could need a change, etc...
  • Halle
    • Halle-SW Brussels Depot -> Halle - Brussels SW Depot
  • Wavre
    • Wavre-SE Brussels Depot -> Wavre - Brussels SE Depot or Wavre-Brussels SE Depot


Notice: This all above is about packing "as much information possible" and still being clear

And if I allow me a small side-track: If this game allows me as a mission leader to chose target, and show (or replace) that on the mini-map circle, then at least I have a chance of getting my recruits in the right direction whatever name the targets have.

Notice2: Now when going through of just one of these big cities I realize how much time a simple task of "naming" takes from a person. Just imagine how many capture points we have already in this game (500+ towns). So all rise, and salute to the Rats S!

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