Overstock Mission Questions

1. Assume driving armour or driving inf units from one garrison to another linked garrison town and despawning resupplies or overstocks these units to the target garrison?  2. HQ Resupply Mission:  example > 4 Div HQ in PAAL   4.1 in DIEST   4.2/4.3 in Schilde (say):  make a HQ mission in Paal to drive armour to resupply /overstock Diest >>>  make the HQ Mission from 4.1 Diest (target) or not? or must be from 4.2 or 4.3 (not in target town) or does it not matter?  2A. Could one overstock an actual HQ unit (in the above example, in PAAL) by driving armour/inf from 4.2 Diest to Paal or even from 4.1/4.3 from Schilde? and if Schilde (or not) do the resupply units (origin and target) have to be within 1 link?  3. Does any resupply /overstock mission (garrison or moveable bde)  have to be within 1 link origin to target? 4. Does one have to click the 'resupply mission' toggle left side to actually do a resupply mission?  5. When creating missions sometimes or not (seems random to me) the choice of 'mission type' includes Resupply. What are the rules/parameters for this or is this just leftover UI stuff that doesn't matter?       
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