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Cap timers and Population

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Need to simplify and reduce cap timers.


I'd go:  1 120 sec, 2 90 sec, and 3+ 60 seconds. (no effect over 3)

I'd also only give 20 rank points to first capper in CP, everyone else gets 5.

This would be the base case all the time.


Then, I'd have an over pop setting.  Just one setting, that would instantly change (no buffered stuff).

Once a side was over 25% overpop, the cap timers would instantly change to:

Overpop: 1 150 sec, 2 120 sec, 3+ 90 sec.

Underpop: 1 90 sec, 2 60 sec, 3+ 30 sec.


There would be no sliding scale, no buffering no anything like that.

Would be only 2 cap time settings;    mostly balanced pop (25% or less) and an over pop setting.


And, need to remove SD until the EnterWorld bug is fixed, way to frustrating to click EnterWorld and not enter...........


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48 minutes ago, kgarner said:

does anyone get "enter world" bug when SD isn't in effect???


Any time i select the last of an item in spawn list
i will most likely wind up having to hit enter world again

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Last unit.... Gotcha I'll have to keep that in mind in tight time spawning situations

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