Mouse does not fire on first click

Something that has been happening to me the last month or so is when I go to shoot someone and the first and maybe second click of the mouse will not fire.  I've noticed it mostly with SMGs but that may be only coincidental.  It happened again a couple of days ago and I figured there must be something wrong with my wireless mouse.  So, I bought a wired one, which I received and played with tonight.  I had the same thing happen. As you can imagine, this is very annoying.  Many times recently I have gotten the drop on a guy, clicked to no effect, and got shot.  Sad! I was ready to just chalk it up to something on my end, but talking to some squaddies about it they said they've experienced a similar thing.  I got to thinking that maybe this is happening to a lot of us, but it didn't seem obviously like a bug, so we wrote it off as clumsy click of the mouse or something.  But maybe it is a new thing, so I mention it now. I did a search of the forums.  It's possible this guy had the same problem: I have not experienced the escape/diff weapon thing.  I'll try it the next time I fail to fire, assuming I miraculously don't die in the process. 
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