Sennheiser USB Headset not working with 10.14..4

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Sennheiser USB Headset not working with 10.14..4

I was compelled to upgrade to 10.14.4 a few days back in order to use a new version of SketchBook pro , now my Sennheiser headset is no longer working , the volume works from the incord buttons and it is showing in the list of USB devices when doing a System report but the mic and speaker do not show up in the audio system  preference list , I have done an unplug restart and texted to online mac support people but they where of little support just suggested the restart (just like the TV show "IT crowd" !) and to reset the NVRram which I don't think will do much either . Anyone have any ideas ? 

"The old update merry go round"

Regards Ruck  S\

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