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newb pilot

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The name says it all..what I`m looking for is some kind of a thread regarding the learning curve for planes..I`ve read the wiki article..I`ve almost got it off the ground a few times...I can`t figure out how to search the forums as I`m sure there is plenty of flying information in there...are there any other articles I can read ?

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Begin flying with the most docile aircraft - Ju52, Dakota, then Hurricane. P-38 and P-39 are less affected by torque, they are easy to hold with rudder and brakes if need be. 

See link in signature to free pdf of In Pursuit - it’s a bit of a read though.

Watch Youtube, there are lots of tutorials and combat clips out there. 

And do all of your pre-combat flying offline until you feel reasonably comfortable. Use drones (hit spacebar when flying) to supply you with static gunnery targets. Use the offline ground target range too for strafing practice.

Best of luck!

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