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On 5/26/2019 at 0:15 PM, imded said:

To all my comrade:

From SPD, ImDed

I have been told I have pancreatic and liver cancer. This is a major battle of the war.

Your bombing, artillery, tank and ground support is greatly appreciated. The more we can destroy this heinous beast the better.

To War, To war comrades. Support your local cancer societies.


Damn, sorry to hear that. Just looked at thread.  I don't know if y believe it God, but I do. Know that you are in my prayers. Stay strong and fight the good fight. Keep us informed and please do not let pride get in the way of asking for help or needs. It is a blessing if you allow us to bless you if we can help.

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Just saw this. Guess I was out of game too long,

I rarely talked to Imded on voice, but over the years I sure saw a lot of him. If we were fighting, he was there, all over the comms; always a part of the action.  He was a good man, and our community will remember his loss.

Fair winds and following seas, Imded. You'll be missed.

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I read about Imded's passing a while back and just logged off the site and left.  I've only been back once since then until now.


This struck me a lot harder than some of the other folks we've lost in the last couple years because I've been ingame with Imded and have exchanged quite a few PMs with him even when I couldn't be ingame.  One time, when he read that I wasn't able to get ingame for a while, presuming it to be due to financial difficulty on my part (it wasn't), he offered to pay for a subscription for me, so I could stay in the fight.  This from a guy I barely (at the time) knew ingame and didn't know at all in RL.


I am angry at the world for taking him.  I'm angry that his life had to be cut short while there are millions of real scumbags out there happily living long, healthy lives.  I'm angry at whatever combination of effed-up circumstances created such a disease as cancer, which serves NO purpose in this world.


My friend, you will be remembered, by me (and by lots of others on here, by the looks of things), as a comrade and a one of the good ones, of which there are all too few in each of our lives.  As they say in Zulu, "hambe kahle" (go well), and in Irish " codladh sámh" (sleep well).  We'll all see you again someday.


Until then...







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