Daisy-chained Front Line

By pfmosquito in GENERAL DISCUSSION,
I've mentioned this several times over the years and have not seen a comment from CRS, whether positive or negative, but I STILL believe creating a real front line is imperative in helping this game go to the next level.    My most recent mention is this one from 2017.  Since I already discussed it there, I won't elaborate as much here.  Check it out yourself.  [this one is from 2014!  And this one from 2012!] I wanted to bring it up again because after scanning through some more recent threads, it seems like a lot of main problems people have are resolved by implementing such a thing.  Here are the main problems:  game play is often slow [sporadic low numbers] with some activities being so tedious as to count as real work [guarding CPs].  New players get bored because there is no action, or can't find it; old players get bored because they know how to find action, and its not there to find.  Etc. On the other hand, the game has some real strengths:  combined arms, massive scale, etc.  When there IS a battle, man there is nothing like it! My contention is that all problems (eg, gamey and laggy infantry play, etc) are ultimately solved by more (paying) players.  A LOT more (paying) players = more money to solve the other problems. So, what you NEED is a way for there to be action, real action, pretty much every minute of the day.  And the way you do that is to keep the two sides in close proximity CONSTANTLY.  The basic concept of the 'daisy chain front line' is that the space between the towns would be punctuated at semi-regular intervals (200 to 500m apart) by capture and spawn points.  Preferably, these would be creative and diverse, and not just depot buildings, but I'd take depot buildings for now.  When you take the daisy chain spawn (DCS) closest to your town, you can now spawn from it.  That puts you closer to the next DCS, which, if you take, you can spawn from THAT.  IN THE MEANTIME, the enemy is doing the same thing, but from the other side.  Eventually and inevitably, enemies will meet at adjacent facilities, where the goal of each will be to push the enemy back the way they came.   At some point, your side will be close enough to the town that it decides an attack on the town itself is prudent. Now, nothing about this idea means we get rid of anything else.  People can still run trucks to make FMSes and so on to try to flank or to escape getting camped.   People can still do the things that they want to do.  The big difference is that there will ALWAYS be people trying to push the line forward and that means that there will ALWAYS be people trying to stop them.  Which means there will ALWAYS be action. I concede that I don't know what this would require from a technical point of view.  I believe I proposed in the past just trying it out between 6 cities in the heart of the map where at the beginning of a campaign 3 of them are Allied and 3 are Axis, and just TRY IT.  I assume (but it is an assumption) that we could do this while leaving the FB system intact.  I further assume that people could find the action because we would get notifications like we do when a CP is capped. The thing is, there are always going to be 'twitch' players, but we don't have enough consistency of our big battles to scratch their 'twitch.'   This provides it.  And if someone ain't a 'twitch' player, they can still do all the other stuff.  But let's be honest:  all of us have a bit of the 'twitch' in us. Here submitted again, in 2019.
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