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Community achievments from the stats pages

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That's on the someday plan.  As well as a more cohesive awards/recognition system.

Example: award is 'issued' (let's say for stats)

  • Pops up in game
  • Sends the recipient an e-mail (with some kind of snazzy image/citation/certificate for the award)
  •  Placed into an awards jacket (similar to the one that used to exist)
  • Maybe it shows up on the Gazette (depending on how many there are, would some kind of randomized selection)
  • Depending on the award even squad tools will have some kind of notice posted within the squad area.  

For non-stat awards, the above would occur after the award is 'issued' by the HC.  That process will essentially be the currently broken one in the HC tools, with some changes to make it more user friendly. 

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