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18th Anniversary of WWII Online

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On this day 18 years ago, World War II Online was released. Thanks to our amazing community, you have helped us achieve 18 glorious years of hardcore WWII gaming on a massive scale.

Together we have created some of the most enjoyable gaming experiences of our lives. We have made lasting friendships and memories. We have seen real relationships and marriages forged. We have seen how far online communities will go to come together and to ensure the longevity of it all.

WWII Online isn't just a game, it's a family. And to everyone who has stepped in our door, you are part of that family.

Today is a day to celebrate together the accumulation of all those experiences and it is a time to remember that we must stand together to continue the game forward so that generations to come can experience a continuously improving version of it.

This game is here because you remain connected with and subscribed to it. Your support remains 100% the reason we are here and 100% of the reason why we will make it in the future.

All of us here at Cornered Rat Software, and Playnet, would like to thank you for the memories, and the great honor of serving the very best online community we could have ever asked for. S!

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