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Spawn to spawn convoys

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I assume this is not even possible, but you can imagine things.
A special logistics class can lay waypoints (and name them) that may or may not be represented physically as a road signs to connect spawn areas. He or a responsible authority can then open a special screen and order spawn points to transfer between connected spawn areas.
This can occur on several layers of detail.
1. Virtual. Spawn points appear at their destinations after a delay calculated by the waypoint path distance and elevation gain and unit movement speed.
2. Static objects. Units traversing waypoints represented as static ground objects that periodically disappear and move down their path at infrequent intervals. One minute, 5 minutes etc.
3. Ai controlled unit moving in real time.
What should happen when the enemy is able to observe the convoy complicates matters.
If this could even be done at all, fuel and supply transport, supply dumps, vehicle breakdowns and repair could be added.

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