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My 2nd address as your Allied CinC

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S! and congratulations, fellow Allied soldiers.  We have been victorious again, in campaign 166.



This is my 2nd address to you as Allied CinC, and I want to go over a couple things:



1.        First, when I took the slot, I stated that the days of the Allies getting clubbed like baby seals are gone.  They are, and you have proved that statement to be accurate.  Be proud of your efforts to turn things around on the Allied side.  It hasn’t been easy, and we still have a few things to improve on, but we have been making significant positive progress.



2.       There was a meeting today between Allied squad leaders (and representatives), and myself, (oh, and Xoom and Chimm were there as well representing CRS).  It was a productive meeting, especially for an initial meeting.  We discussed some things that will make squad cooperation easier and more effective, along with some ways to help AHC and squads coordinate better.  I expect we will see some positive effects on the battlefield soon, and we have scheduled a follow-up meeting for August 25th, so if your squad wasn’t represented at the meeting stay tuned to the forums so you don’t miss the 2nd one, too.



3.       Don’t forget where we came from, Allies.  We’re “off of the mat” now, but it wasn’t so long ago that we were flat on our backs wondering what the hell was going on.  Have patience with the other side while they look at the ceiling trying to figure out those very things we had to figure out, recently.



4.       Please be welcoming to new players, and new players to our side, Allies.  This game has a steep learning curve, and is a bit of a shock to the system for new players who might very well have been quite skilled in other FPS games.  Some new players will never have that WW2Online ‘moment’ that will sink the hook and keep them in the game, but some will, and we can all improve the percentage by helping new players out.  One never knows, the person you help might end up in your squad, or might end up being the person who saves you from a sapper or sniper in-game.  The person you don’t help might end up getting helped by someone on the other side, and might end up being the person who saps your tank, or snipes you while in-game.  Let’s make sure we get our share of the new recruits, and let’s do our best to get a larger percentage of new players to stick around.



5.       Remember, the axis side is our mortal enemy, WHILE IN-GAME.  Once in the forums, we’re all on the same side, trying to make the gameplay better, and more fun for all, in the hopes that our efforts will make things more enjoyable for ourselves, and to attract more players to the game.



6.       Remember that none of us is perfect on the Allied side.  There will be times when an AHC Officer (maybe even the CinC---again) might mis-time the placement of an AO, or forget to .allied some important information.  Have patience with your Allied Officers.  I have roughly 19% of available AHC slots filled, which means the players are getting 100% service from the AHC who is staffed at less than 20%.  It’s not an easy gig, and we’re doing our best to get better on a daily basis.



7.       Finally, and speaking of a lack of AHC Officers, get involved, please.  I don’t know and frankly I no longer care about whatever issues caused squads and individuals to abandon serving in AHC.  The past is gone, and all I can focus on is the present and future of the Allied side.  We need more Officers.  The pay sucks ($0), and it takes some effort, but the payoffs are huge:  Knowing that you are serving a cause greater than yourself, helping your side to be better organized, and helping your side to increased levels of success on our virtual battlefields.



8.       Have fun during the intermission, and get ready to beat the axis again in 167.  S!



Best regards,




Allied CinC

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