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      Operation Burning Skies   09/17/2019

      All pilots scramble!  Strap yourself in for this months Community event - Operation Burning Skies! This Sunday, September 22, 11 am – 5 pm server time. In honor of XOOM and friends showcasing WWII Online at the Oregon International  Air Show – our forces too will battle for superiority in Operation Burning Skies. High Commands are on high alert to rally their forces to victory! Lift off, and see a whole new world of WWII Online… Fearless bomber pilots make the skies rain down fire – our daring fighter pilots are in pursuit of their prey- as western Europe erupts in war on the ground below! Rally your squads, rally your buddies - Combined arms are back!  …Under Burning Skies! SALUTE!
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Aircraft View Area

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Can someone link to or post video of what I should be able to see visually from each cockpit.  The span expanse.  I have trackIR.    I'm trying to see if I'm not seeing something because my view is somehow limited.

I swear I was looking behind me yesterday and a Spit appeared just as it fired at me right where I was looking, there was no indication it was there prior to it firing on me.   Turns out there were two spits and neither was visible.

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