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ANZAC recon unit captures image of CRS developing a Tier 6 German superweapon: the V-4 Nuclear Blitz Truck

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Actual context: I was outside town on an Opel hunt, saw this guy drifting across with the engine cut, and marked him for a 25mm French AA gun who had a clear shot.

The AA gun lit the Opel up, and he exploded at the very same moment my Wi-Fi bugged. The Opel went flying vertically as my game lagged out, and in the moments before it reconnected, I snapped off a few quick screenshots.

Obviously, I edited the image to make it look older and more worn.

Originally posted on our Reddit, r/battlegroundeurope.

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I think that was me using the new DLC Opel Rocket Engine w/ Tiger Loudspeakers.  Was a nice shot by the aaa gunner though. 

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