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We need updated information on the following regarding all squads in WWIIOL:

  • Side affiliation
    • Allied
    • Axis
    • Either
  • Squad name
    • Include squad logo if you have one
    • Include squad motto
    • Include formation date
  • Type of squad
    • Army
    • Air Force
    • Navy
  • Squad website
  • Squad night
    • Date, time, time zone
  • Discord voice comms
    • Y/N
    • Location
  • Squad commander
  • Squad active member count
  • Brief description on what sort of members you are seeking
  • Any other information pertinent

This information will be used as part of a new user welcome packet to give them some ideas of what squads are available, and it will also put CRS in a position to better promote your squad on our platforms.

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Not sure you really want our info :(



Navy infantry (well was)

delm88.wixsite.com/thesquad - might be a bit out of date now





Not seeking at this time as no more navy infantry

Squad in limbo - trying to find new direction

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  • Side affiliation

o    Allied

(I will send you the logo on Teams or via email)


  • Lafayette Federation

o    Tradition, Pride, Excellence

o    Formed February, 2001

  • Type of squad

o    Lafayette Federation is Army, Air Force, and Navy

  • https://lafayettefederation.enjin.com/
  • Squad night:  We do not have an official squad night, but weekends are when we have the most members in-game.  Not having a squad night is a tradition we have abided by since the very early days of the game, when our membership numbers were such that every night was our squad night.
  • Discord voice comms

o    Yes

o    https://www.wwiionline.com/resources#voice-comms

  • Augetout
  • 7-10
  • Lafayette Federation is always seeking new members who are team-first oriented, and loyal to the Allied side.  The rest we can teach.
  • Lafayette Federation is a pre-day 1 WW2Online unit.  We’ve been around for over 18 years.  We’ve seen a peak membership of over 250, and have only recently begun rebuilding the unit.  We are used to being an elite Allied unit, and once we have the numbers (again) we’ll return to that status.  For now we do more with less than any other unit/squad in-game.
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ATEAM is an allied squad that was formed in 2012.  We are 90% infantry and 10% as far as our battlefield presence.  We have 25 active members and are constantly trying to recruit new members.  90% of our long term members use discord and we are well represented in Allied High Command.  We need players that will make a longer term commitment to use discord and support the Allied Armies.  We do not have a website or a dedicated squad night but we are most active in TZ 2. I guess our logo is the original red ATEAM logo from the TV show.  Some of us use that for a discord avatar.

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