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It is time to award a group of men who showed AXIS SPIRIT and at the very least, dedication to make things happen!

Are ALL those who deserve recognition in the following line up of Braves? No... Some men worked or accomplished amazing things in spots so dark that HC itself couldn't see them.

Yet we know they are there and for that reason, I thank everyone, yes.... E V E R Y O N E  Not forgetting AEF men who helped us achieve a good campaign. S!


Here are a select few lucky bastages that I am proud of fighting alongside:


Soldiers and Officers receiving the Order of Petro 

This medal will be awarded to players that go the extra step for the Axis. These players are what make the job of the HC work. They will be regarded with honor by the OKA

MYCAT, ELVS2001                                                                   for overall constant greatness and reliable actions. TEAMWORK!

HASTIEN, PYM, QOR and SHOTDUCK                                   for FBs attacks and Guarding!!! TEAMWORK!

XCAS                                                                                        for critical resupplies or garrison towns. TEAMWORK!

RATOMANIAC                                                                         for long, away from action CP guarding and support of ALL kinds. TEAMWORK!

JET2019                                                                                  for blowing all Gent FBs several times for hours. TEAMWORK!

PARASIT                                                                                 for so many great FMS after some looong drives! TEAMWORK!

PHAULTYC                                                                             for Seclin's insane killing spree and many supports after being called for help!  TEAMWORK!

KEVIN                                                                                    for a difficult SOLO bunker cap in TEMSE and so responsive to help calls! TEAMWORK!

JSILEC                                                                                    for helping at every calls, great Comms on Discord and first class soldier!  TEAMWORK!








Officer school Cadet Oberst WIRKLICH receives the Golden Eagle on Silver 

Goldener Adler auf Silber: Awarded to those that have consistantly shown outstanding examples in leadership, tactical knowledge, communication, initiative and who's presence in battle was noted as having contibuted immensly to the results achieved.


WIRKLICH is ALSO about to receive his promotion and FIRST STAR as General WIRKLICH and new commanding roll within the High Command. VERY WELL DESERVED!





As those men already know I am sure As Campaign commander I was not the most flexible and once decision was made I gave directions that did leave little room for misinterpretation or deviation as I believed it was in the best interest of all AXIS troops and AXIS' final goal:  Victory!

{And thanks for putting up with me}


HC Officers GOOGS, EYESHANK, KARDEHK, CHYRENZ and POTTHEAD step forward to receive  the Axis Eagle Cross

This award goes out only to Axis officers. This is one of the highly regarded medals an officer can receive. This medal commemorates the undying efforts put forth by an Axis Officer. Without the efforts of these individuals there would be no Axis HC.






Memorable mention to SQUADS attached to 3rd PANZER Division.

This Division made the South cut possible, then destroyed the Allie defensive line along side the river starting near Sedan and created the Central pocket then helped cutting Antwerp off before Heading to ENGLAND for a brutal rampage!

The LUFTWAFFE also deserves a GREAT SALUTE for doing everything it could to support Ground actions, Always responding to calls!!!!! S! Many paradrops would have been impossible without cleared skies!









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I did Sgthenning.

2 hours ago, sgthenning said:

should have gave potthead a medal without him we wouldn't have taken ramsgate


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