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Odd, single-use MSP concept.

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We have those pillboxes in game, that are there, but pretty much never get used, because they are open on too many sides, the firing slits are huge, and the door is ajar. It's mostly a deathtrap.

What if there was a new MSP type. If nominally MSPs are the same from trucks, and HC get the HC FRU, we make a new engineer. The engineer is barely armed, lacks the repair stuff, but can build a pillbox.

Door/hatch? That's locked. Firing slits? Firing SLIT, or even just barrel. One, opposite the door (so the engie knows how to orient it when placing it---the pillbox placement ghost might even have the arc of fire shown). The slit is small enough that the place is not a death trap. It might have 2 kinds, AT gun and MG. MG pillbox is optimized for a new MG unit for each side. ATG is optimized for that. The crew are never seen by anyone, only the gun barrel. Both have shields, and a sight like a tank sight (maybe like the hull gun for the MG version).

They can be taken out with anything that can penetrate them.

How it works:

Pillbox engie (2 kinds, MG and ATG) has a MSP placement ghost image that looks like a small pillbox. he places it... and nothing happens, or maybe a marker is flat on the ground. Whoever spawns in at that MSP (it only has 1 unit) spawns in as a pillbox. MG Pillbox is a pillbox shaped object with a gun, and is basically a cylindrical, immovable tank. It can look like whatever they think is right. It is modeled like a tank, X thickness, so that it can be taken out by whatever takes out that thickness (not a rifle satchel, maybe HEAT required, or most/all AT weapons). The ATG version a little tougher.

Here's a German portable pillbox:


Towed with a truck, then buried (maybe trucks place them?). Our version is just the top bit, no need for crew, it's like a tank)

Here's one:



Here's a french one:


(could use a small tank turret, maybe?)

Place single-use MSP, spawn pillbox.

Note that the German type might be better from a flanking (balance) POV, while a turret type is more useful. Need not look that complicated, could be more like a cylinder with a barrel:


^^^Maginot pop-up, for this use, it's always up.

Maybe France gets them, Germany gets them, and UK gets them in the UK only, US/IT doesn't get them at all.


To be clear, I was thinking about this in certain contexts (Maginot line, and the 1944 coast of France as the primary example), though I'm unsure how that is possible in game as spawn lists seem global. I suppose special units (like BDEs, but far smaller) could be added that the HC can place in the appropriate places.



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I like the idea. Its good for variety and the player driven conceit of ww2ol that such positions be placed and manned by players. Of course they prolly wouldn't be high priority, but I think they're entirely proper to not only the game's conceit, but the direction of its tech as well.

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1 hour ago, tr6al said:

How do you kill it ? I would guess we have no way to in game atm .


Kill the unit, or the MSP?

The unit would be done like armor right now. If it shows a hatch/door, then maybe a regular satchel there kills it, otherwise a HEAT anywhere, or any ATG/tank/ATR that can penetrate it---it's a tank turret, or tank hull gun, minus the tank.

The MSP itself? Maybe ANY damage at all takes it out. So anyone shoots HE even near the pillbox, and the turret itself survives, but the MSP gets blown.

The MSP regardless needs to be possible to take out with inf, while the actual pillbox is just like immobile armor. No amount of bomb damage takes out an FMS, I'm looking for the opposite, any damage takes out the MSP, even if it doesn't hurt anyone standing on it.


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1 hour ago, blggles said:

I ought to be introduced at the same time as flamethrowers. Balance.

In this particular example the unit spawned IS the pillbox. If it's the firing slit type, the gun pokes out, and yeah, the guy inside should be vulnerable to a flamethrower (though I think the game isn't ready for that, I'd want fire to persist and progress, and I think that any such weapon should also be 100% friendly fire. If you can clear a CP or bunker with a flamethrower with your own guys right there... no.

I originally thought the MSP itself would be a pillbox object, then you would spawn inf or ATG inside it. The trouble is that because of the way the extant units work, the slits would be large, and far too vulnerable, it would be a repeat of the current pillboxes in game---useless. You'd fire a few rounds, then someone would shoot you in the eye. They need to be like hull guns at the very least, so that they are survivable, but need to be taken out up close by inf, or at range by armor.


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