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This was posted by XOOM elsewhere.

The air show went well. We handed out over 1,000 post cards to participants, and about 400 business cards. We succeeded in garnering visibility to thousands and we also had some effective networking, even met one of the guys who created the game “Road Rash” if you were a 90’s kid. Another important find was a small company based here in Oregon who claimed that they have a hardware dongle that you could plug into an HDMI port, then put your VR headset in it, and it will convert any non-VR game into VR ~ so I told them I want a demo and if so, we’ll seriously consider partnering up. We also got connected with a local Coffee shop owner who knows the guy who runs “PDX LAN,” who recently just had 800 people at a convention center type setting playing games. She knows him pretty well and has my information and she said she’d communicate with him about it, I’ll of course follow up and see if we can create a bridge, because WWIIOL’s scale and ability to hold thousands of players they’d all be able to play. Could you imagine 400vs400 at one location? Holy shit! Even just getting that kind of exposure would be good. Another player mentioned something about a Salem OR Comicon where he thinks a good number of people would be interested.

The number of people who actually sat down to play the game was likely in the 300 range. We only had 4 computers and we had some who were either impatient or the air show started that took attention away.

We played a combination of the loop that Chimm created, and we had some live flying doing some tricks (we put on our own little air show on the big TV). We did have players on Friday playing online in the Training Server and only half of Saturday. Things got so busy that the wireless signals were fighting each other. We even had some old players show up who were pretty surprised and happy. A bunch of Sea Cadets played on Saturday, and then we had even more show up at the booth before the gates opened to get in while they could for more. All in all it was a great experience, we got our name out there, created some new contacts and added a lot of local legitimacy to our game.


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