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Affiliated squads combined players online list.

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As many many of us are extremely loathed to give up the squad name we’ve had attached to us for the past 10+ years regardless of the fact there is only 2/3 active players in the squad.


i believe I have found the solution. An affiliated squads tab and chn.


for example AEF BTZ Lancers and CHAPS want to become an affiliated squad. When you log in along with your squad tab there is an affiliated squad tab where you can see a list of all affiliated squad members online click on them to join there mission etc etc. 

Also having an affiliated squad txt chn (I know we can just tune one) but let’s face it with 55, squad chn,target, origin side etc were kinda out of space. Really think we should just stick with side anyways. 


The reason of having an affiliated squad txt chn is when there is 10 + on discord all doing separate missions it becomes a bit messy on comms. So the teams can split off but have a solid means too get everyone together when needed.



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