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Wiretap Issue - squadlist.full

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<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<squadlist copyright='(C) Playnet Inc 2007-2017, All rights reserved.' version='1.1'><generated date='2019-10-15 11:20:04' timestamp='1571156404'/>
<description>Detailed list of squads</description>
<defaults><def att='pri-branch' value='0'/><def att='pri-brigade' value='0'/><def att='pri-country' value='0'/></defaults>
<squad id="10493" handle="dsrp" name="" co="jacyte" created="1207791567" recruiting="1">
 <languages secondary='walsing'/>
<squad id="10582" handle="spam" name="" co="jerex" created="1235252404" recruiting="1">
 <languages secondary='isofaded,slothbag,nickleby'/>
<squad id="10552" handle="aforce" name="" co="kalinium" created="1225749609" recruiting="1">
 <languages secondary='tricksz'/>
</squad> ...

The squad information listing produced by squadlist.full.xml seems to include the list of 'xos' in the 'languages.secondary' node.

The JSON feed seems to be fine.

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