Build up the game by helping rebuild the training corp with me, your fearless leader

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Ladies and gentlemen, you may have observed news this summer that I have been appointed leader of the training corps.

You may have further observed numerous remarks diffused through the forums and your own experiences, to the effect that we need to better retain new players.  Many proposals are out there that one way or the other boil down to helping to train them. 


CRS is very aware of this, which is why they have sought to revitalize their training programs.  Giving me point on the issue illustrates their commitment to addressing this need.

Well, my friends, I need you to step in and step up to help me.  While there are many things under discussion and even in various stages of implementation, right now I am asking you to join the training corps.  Preferably, I'd like 10 allied and 10 axis to join my team and become trainers.

Trainers get an additional set of commands to help bring new players up to speed.  This is their primary duty:  reach out to green tags and try to get them hooked on the game ASAP by removing obstacles preventing them from having enjoyable game play.

Here is what you need to understand:  by helping others, you are really meeting your own selfish needs.  :)  The more people playing, the more fun you have.  While being a trainer is thankless work in some respects (even establishing comms with a green tag can be a chore), everyone understands that these new players represent the future of the game.  I'd invite you to be one who does not merely understand this fact, but one who owns it, and joins the training corp with me.

Interested?  Email is best for me at however you can send me a private message on this forum or chat with me in game.


Quick notes. Strictly speaking, you don't HAVE to be an 'official' trainer in order to help a green tag.  Right?  If you see one, reach out to him.  Explain what CPs are, how to find action, and how to communicate, including how to PM.  Don't bad mouth them.  Also bear in mind that whatever it is you were doing in the game when you encountered an aimless green tag is temporary--forgotten in a day, probably, and after a month just a faint memory.  But SUBSCRIBING new players are potentially forever...

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Veterans assisting new players is not a new task, but it is ever vital. Especially with the return of Free Play, we've seen a 40% climb in players online, only further illustrating the need to hand down that knowledge and have structured training sessions which produce future long-term members of WWII Online.

There are many players who come through and our Steam channel who have a lot of questions and need support.

If you'd like to share your knowledge and help create and train others on really important curriculum, @pfmosquito is your guy and I highly encourage you to step forward and give these new players a shot at being a successful member of the WWII Online community.

Your participation and sharing of wisdom is a vital component to this.

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