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PB needs better relationship with GHC/AHC / AFK Timers?

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In my past experience as being on both sides, along with being in both High Commands - I've realized that the PB-HC relationship, is not too well.

Going from, PB yelling at the HC officers, for not only doing their job, but also doing what the MOIC tells them to do--If you have 1 HC officer on, and the PB is completely yelling at you for not doing the correct things.

I know, I am weird for making this, but I've seen bad things going from, PB-HC or HC-PB; HC are doing their jobs, to HELP both sides. AHC and GHC. I completely agree if you're simply trying to get an AO on a town, and the Officers won't listen, because they want to do what they want to do, because they have more powers in the game then you have to. 

Along with being AFK for GHC/AHC.

If you go AFK on a side, it will cost us, from going underpopped to overpopped from having AFK officers just sitting in-game not doing anything, will hurt either side.



I also was thinking of an concept for the RATS to introduce to the team -- HAVING a 30-45 minute TIMER when you're AFK.

When you're AFK, for longer then 30-45 minutes, a tab will open up on your screen in-game. saying "You have been AFK for some quite time."

If you, say stay AFK longer - Then after an hour or so, you should be able to be kicked from the game for being AFK to long, but I don't think that will work as good.


Anyways, I know I am weird!

S!  n8

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AFK players should be kicked out of game world in 15 min; unless moving imo.

Kicked out of game if at map for 30 min AFK.


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This is becoming a huge problem. When POP is low a HC with 2 accounts that is AFK can throw timers off MAJOR.   We had a scenario the other day. An HC officer was AFK for 4 hrs with is second account also. Both in game, but not at computer. We had 4 other players online total.    Axis had 8-10 or so im guessing. Cap timers should have been really fast for us and slower for allied. Instead they were closer to equal. 

I dont think this topic is talked about often enough. I stopped staying logged in while truely AFK about a year ago.

Lets not let this topic/thread die. 


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Easy fix, afk and at map should not factor into the spawn/cap timer equation at all. No need to boot anybody, just fix the math. 


Enter world should refresh the timers instantaneously

Exit world should only be refreshed after 2 minutes. 

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