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Thanks everyone (New Billing Server)

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Just wanted to say thanks for being very understanding during a rather difficult month and a half. It was a bit tough with our billing system and I wanted to apologize for the inconveniences that may have caused. I'd also like to thank our team at CRS for responding in record time to a tremendously difficult circumstance that we had no control over, the guys rose up and handled it well.

Particularly Gadget, Sniper62 and Pilotmc for direct technical billing implementation, Pittpete for providing excellent customer support, and the countless QA and Community / Marketing staff members who went above and beyond to communicate to our community members and assist them as best as they could've.

As it stands now, we're back to accepting all types of cards, and now PayPal creates recurring agreements (first time ever).

@SNIPER62 also made critical headway to automate the process of accounting for your billing time, automating a series of steps that were being manually simulated (like adding access, updating your next bill date, and giving you good feedback that important billing events have occurred).

The good news is, as we're on this new system it will be 100% more sustainable as it's on an entirely new code base that is managed outside of CRS and Playnet, relieving our resources even more in terms of managing security, payments and overall upkeep to make sure things go smooth. That means more game development - WOOT!

This is not the first time our team has faced adversity, nor will it be the last, but I am proud of how they all composed themselves and handled the situation as best they could have.

I am also reminded of how blessed we are as a developer of how tremendous our game community is. You guys are truly outstanding - thanks all!

Two final things to end on:

  1. Update your billing method - all subscribers. We need everyone to have confidence and update their billing method to use this new game server immediately to avoid losing game access.
    1. Update billing method: https://playnet.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213234338-How-do-I-update-my-billing-method-Updated-11-1-19
    2. The old processor is no longer in use.
    3. Your old setup/cards will not be billed.
    4. If you do not update, you will lose access.
  2. Today, we released version 1.36.3 and is now available for you to play.
    1. 1.36.3 Readme Notes: https://www.wwiionline.com/game-news/production-notes/version-1-36-3-readme
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Good work in trying circumstances.

"Stick handling" through circumstances not of one's making is often very difficult.

Glad things are on track.



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