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      Attention All Soldiers, Operation Fury needs you.  You need to choose a side and sign up.  
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      This will be a CRS Lead event on both sides.  Xoom will be heading up the axis side and Heavy265 will be heading up the Allied side. This will be for bragging rights.
      Why are we asking players to sign up you ask. We are trying for a role play experience.   We want this to be a true realistic event.  
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Any chance of improvement in PING?

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Well in the next version of the game we hope to have netcode3 working properly. But I don’t think that will improve ping as that is typically set in the networking between you and the server itself. It may improve packet loss though which is probably the biggest concern when it comes to game play. 

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Most of the time it is the user or their ISP.   Always use a wired connection for FPS games, if you have to use wireless, disconnect other devices while you game and use the frequency that has the least connections 2.4GHZ or 5GHZ. <- 5GHZ has more bandwidth but if it has too low of a signal it will drop a lot of packets. 2.4GHZ will always reach further.   Use a router that has QoS capabilities and prioritizes the game, especially if you have multiple users like people streaming on a TV!  Make sure windows update is set to a time you do not game.  Set a rule in your firewall that allows the game through.  Turn off background apps while you play and set your video card to performance power instead of optimal in NVidia settings if you use it. Don't know about AMD.  If you have a Cable ISP, your connection is shared with everyone on the block, think about using a fiber or telecom ISP if you live in a heavily populated area.  When I had Mediacom cable I often had lag spikes and whatnot from their modem going bad on the pole outside. Call your ISP and ask if anything on their end jumps out as an issue, they can do tests on your connection and hardware to your house.  IF your hardware can not keep up it will cause lag spikes too, your CPU is needed for internet calculations.  If you have a dedicated ethernet card you can set most of the settings to run through the card, instead of the CPU.  There are guides to tweaking ethernet cards, and most will tell you to turn of some offloading tasks. <- you will need to test to see if it makes performance better or worse.         https://www.dslreports.com/        is a great place to learn about your ISP and connection setting, many technicians for many ISP's uses the forums and help people that ask a question!         Speedguide has some useful tools but some settings can make things worse.  Understand the setting before you change it, don't rely on the optimizer to set the best settings.       https://www.speedguide.net


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