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FORUM RE-ORG (Phase I) Complete

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Over the next hour or so I'll be complete with the most visible portion of the Forums Upgrade.  This final set of moves and permission adjustments includes:

Moved the War Academy in to the side specific discussion forums (permissions remain same)

Created Events & History Section to house:

  • Special Event Forums
  • Mini-Cons 
  • War Stories
  • WWII Military History & Tech

Permissions for the above are:

  • Paid Subscriptions - Can View, Post, and Reply.
  • Free - Can View and Reply to existing posts. 

Permissions expanded/adjusted on Barracks, Harbor, Hangar, Motor Pool, and THE OT to be:

  • Premium - Can View, Post, and Reply.
  • Starter/Trial - Can View and Reply to existing posts. (Excluding OT)
  • Free - Sorry.

Permission for the squad recruitment forums have been altered to allow:

  • Paid accounts - Can View, Post, and Reply, 
  • Free - Can View and Reply.

As we get the branch plans to start syncing with the forums, they will be applied to their respective forum (ex - 'All Air' will have access to hangar, 'All infantry' to the barracks, etc).  

Across most forums ability to view while not logged in has been removed, and a number of non-used and/or conflicting permission sets have been disabled.  If you lose access to a forum that you should have access to, please reach out to me so that I can look into and correct the issue.  Thanks for all the patience during this process. 



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