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Awards for the Battle of Montreuil

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During the wee hours of TZ3, allies were able to recapture one of our factory cities and bring back air and fresh para troops to the continent of Europe. This battle done while under-populated ourselves took the some of the most heroic deeds and the best communication that the allied army has seen in this campaign. All soldiers in this battle stood out, and some rose far above their peers. For their courage we have listed the following  17 players who prove themselves in knocking back the enemy and ensuring another day of allied fighting.


To begin we list solders who showed great courage and tenacity during this battle.

Milton- Forward Base Defense Award- During this campaign Milton has defended several FB's during the dark hours of TZ3. For his valiant effort in defending our FB against axis flankers we have awarded him the Forward Base Defense Award for embracing the drudgery that is FB defence.

jck2- nominated for the Legion of Merit- During the battle of Montreuil jck2 proved himself a worthy defender of the spawn cp. Even though enemy combatants pounded him wave after wave and he himself only had a pistol to defend himself, he held the spawn cp for the totality of the battle. For his efforts in doing this I have nominated him for the Legion of Merit, the 5th highest award of the allied forces, to be approved by a branch commander, or higher, as soon as possible.

Yunge- nominated for the Bronze Star- During the hellish hours it took to capture Montreuil, Yunge held firmly to the West Army Base of the town, even though the axis spawned in waves of tanks and infantry in an attempt to capture it from him. Thanks to Yunge's efforts we were able to hold the West Army Base for the duration of the battle even though axis infantry streamed in by the nearby cp's in an attempt to recapture the early gained West Army Base. For his efforts I have nominated him for Allies fourth highest award, the Bronze Star, for the actions he had taken, to be approved by a Country Commander, or higher. Without the efforts of Yunge, air would never have been returned to the continent of Europe and we would not have been able to secure another factory town.

Stoy-Combat Merit Brigade Recognition-  Stoy was able to face up to a stream of Hun during the battle of Montreuil and secure the last CP of the battle. For his efforts during the battle, he has been awarded the Combat Merit Brigade Recognition. 

 tbombadil-Last Man Standing Award- tbombadil not only called for the battle of Montreuil but actively drove trucks into towns to place flanking FMS's during the heat of the battle. For this effort in this great counterattack during the underpopulated TZ3, he has been awarded the Last Man Standing Award for his can-do attitude in a time of despair.

Bloodybill- Enemy Forward Base Destroyer Award- bloodybill is part of the crew that is known for mopping up enemy fb's to make it harder for them to advance during the dreaded TZ3. While bill participated heavily in the battle of Montreuil, the actions he took at the end of the battle were most vital for keeping the town out of enemy hands, personally insuring that all FB's surrounding the town were blown even tho their was an active enemy counter attack going on against the town. For his efforts during not only this battle, but the whole campaign, he has been awarded the Enemy Forward Base Destroyer Award.

Soldiers who proved themselves expert fighters by communicating and working together to push back the hun in those trying, but did not distinguish themselves from the crowd included: gman, stromy, blggles, wakko, here, stankyus, zignzag, kunsanx, rudolfhun, ntmate123, luckybuck and flyer14. For their efforts they have been awarded the One Star Good Service Ribbon.



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