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[Allied] Lafayette Federation is looking for Team Players

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********** iT iS A ***********

******** WAY OF LiFE ********


Tradition Pride and Excellence these are the mottos that we live by

Lafayette Federation is a squad that has been around since before World War II Online first came out more than 5 years ago. During that period of time we have been a steadfast supporter of the French Army in the area of the map affectionately know as the "Dirty South" and have supported the Allied High Command to the utmost.

Our squad is made up of a diverse group of people both age wise and geographical location wise. Though typicaly most of our squad members are in their 20's to 30's and located with in the Eastern to Pacific time zones (GMT -5 to GMT -8)

Typically you will find Lafayette (LAF) prefers to work together as a group to accomplish specific objectives in game. We utilize Team Speak and the allied TS server to facilitate voice comms which helps us to stay together during combat operations. However using TS is not a pre-requisite to be able to join LAF. Many of our members are not able to use it for one reason or another.

We encourage strongly the development of leadership with in our members. We have sent many of our best to become Officers with in the Allied High Command (AHC) So in LAF it will be required to not only do your best to be a good leader but also of even greater importance you must be a good follower this way we can build a strong team together.


If the above intrigues you and you think you would like to learn more about who we are and our rich history go to http://www.lafayettefederation.com" target to find our main site

To find out specificaly about our history and tradition go to our history section http://lafayettefed.temp.powweb.com/phpBB2/cms_articles.php?cid=3 also dont miss the little sub sections of the history area off to the left of your screen in there we have our funny and slightly witty LAF Historical Trivia section and our Lafayette Roll Call section

To learn more about various FAQ and features of our web site go to our Squad HQ area http://lafayettefed.temp.powweb.com/phpBB2/cms_articles.php?cid=1

In addition to all of that we maintain a very active LAF forums where our members and some close friends and associates get togeter to talk WWIIOL and just about any other subject under the sun usually having some laughs along the way http://www.lafayettefederation.com/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=69

Recruiting videos:

LAF Recruiting Video Full Version 111 meg

LAF Recruiting Video Part 1 36 meg

LAF Recruiting Video Part 2 40 meg

LAF Recruiting Video Part 3 33 meg

Viewing Problems download the DivX Codec

Download the player/codec but installation of the player is optional during install.

Lastly if you have any questions about our squad feel free to PM me. I will gladly do my best to answer your questions. S!

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Wish they would let us edit a page after 1st posted. I put the text too large in teh 1st one. oh well. bump

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iv been round for one and i havent seen a sqoud that teamplays why should i bealeve yours does?


akn.thumb.jpgI am a soldier in the german army.

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