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OK..patience is wearing thin here.

After 5 (4?) years as a loyal subscriber I can't log on. I don't exist!!! My account doesn't.

To submit a problem I need to logon...erggg...I can't.

The FAQ and customer support pages drive you through an html do-loop..click... click you are back wher you started.

I know my current subscritiption doesn't expire to 7 Apr. What's going on? The

"Account Manager" doesn't recognize me as a subscriber so I can't submit my problem!!!

Sort this out please...

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Thanks gnasche.....

reset password.. (encouraging as it sent me a new one but it took ~20 minutes to get it)

Re-logged on....new update downloaded (encouraging as it updated so it recognized account)..thanks

update completed...reboot....restarted logon to play....initiallized.... 33% way through......... CTD...arhmmmm....

I'm too old for this @#$* after 4 years ..same computer for last 18 months; worked fine.

I'll see if I can waste my Friday night sorting out account/logon problems (and to think I'm paying for this.....)

maybe it is a video driver now with the new water or something....

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