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Quatrieme Regimente Chasseurs d'Afrique, otherwise known as 4RCA, is an allied squad that has been in existence since the beginning of AHC.

Here is our squad history literally as long as the AHQ website has been up-

You should be able to read between the lines when reading the above thread and know we are a fun smartass squad that does very dedicated missions, cuts up on the way there, gets to business and kills the enemy, then razz each other all the way back.

We specialize in ATG and AA work and FB control and associated scouting.

We are not hung up on rank except in hot combat, you can likely 'take the reins' when you want.

Presently we are very AHC as 4 of the 7 actives are AHC officers and another has AHC-related duties.

Both Madurai and now Haikugod have served as XOs of their respective branches (MarNat and ArFr). I have served as a CinC staff officer, Rodtx as an air division general and Chieftom was CO of Corps Cav.

Our squad night is Tuesday night, although likely you can find one of us on at all hours.

We have no website presently, just a secret Yahoo group fort in which we mock the Axis, each other, and store secret data Stafnbrg would love to get his hands on.

PM us to check us out.

Madurai - Founder, default squad leader







And our forever Chasseur,


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Tired of egos on your squad the size of small planets? Try us, we stomp on each other's egos like grapes, then sip the sweet wine.

Hmmmmmmmm! Beaujolais FB 2003, a good year.

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Our Haikugod is going up the ranks. With Rodtx, myself and Chieftom in AHC positions, we are doing our bit for AHC and the game.

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We have a new chasseur, Rumpnugt. No we don't choose these names. Yes he kicks ***.

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From the France 1940 group- this was our historical regiment's main battle- what happened at Medjez...

MEDJEZ-EL-BAB (18-20 November 1942)

Following the landing of the Allies in North Africa in November 1942,

German forces started landing at the aerodrome of Tunis-El Aouina. The

race for key terrain in Tunisia was on. One such piece of "key terrain"

was the bridge over the Medjerda River and road junction at

Medjez-el-Bab. The army that held this town, held the key to opening up

the way to Tunisia as Hannibal quoted. Both Allied and Axis commanders

dispatched their most mobile forces to secure the town -- paratroopers.

Oddly enough, it would be the French that would play a hand in the game

on the Allied side.

The 4^th RCA (Colonel Coulteux de Caumont) stationed in Tunis, consisted

of two Groups de Escadrons (1^st and 2^nd ) under the command of Majors

Klobukowski and Lambilly, 7^th Squadron of D1 tanks and the 21^st

Squadron of motorcyclist. The 3^rd Group de Escadrons (horse) was held

in garrison at Sousse. Orders from higher command specified the

motorized Chasseur squadrons (1^st Group and 6 D1 tanks) were to do

there utmost to delay the Axis without getting into direct fighting. The

2^nd Group de Squadrons (Lambilly), reinforced by 9 Char D1, two

anti-tank guns and a squadron of the 8^th Legion of the Mobile Guard,

received the mission to hold the crossroads at Medjez-el-Bab, located on

the Medjerda wadi (river) with a possible mission to regroup on the

slopes north of the djebel El Melah.

The majority of the town itself was located on the east bank of the

river. In order to hold the bridge, the town had to be held. This task

was left up to the Chasseurs. Allied forces stay west of the river.

The German 3^rd Battalion, 5^th Fallschirmjager Regiment tried to push

towards Beja, but had been slowed down by French outposts which parleyed

without fighting. To the west, the British 1^st Parachute Battalion (500

strong) airdropped into Tunisia and marched into Beja on 18 November.

Major Klobukowski's delaying group of armoured cars, motorcycle

chasseurs and tanks, were obliged to fall back under German pressure

towards the west that same day. That evening the British paratroopers

passed on a flying column of US forces from the 175^th Field Artillery,

34^th Infantry Division, and quickly followed behind with a small


German General Nehring hoped to persuade the French to step aside and

sent an ultimatum to the French stating hostilities would open at 0700

hours on the 19^th if they did not. A German plane flying over the

general locality spotted Allied vehicles and was attacked by US

anti-aircraft fire. The German forces were ordered to prepare for an


The morning of the 19^th arrived and the French forces, backed by US

artillery, had not moved. After two hours of hopeful delay, fighting

erupted. French forces defending the town held firm for the rest of the

morning, however, Stuka dive-bomber attack every other hour were

breaking their hold. In time a retreat was called. Stukas attack the

remains of a French cavalry squadron galloping to get across the bridge,

effectively destroying it. The last rearguard elements of cavalryman

held out until the afternoon in the train station until ammunition ran

out. After more aerial bombardments, the Germans attacked the bridge

directly and established a bridgehead on the westside. Contained by the

Chasseurs, Legion Guards, and a few US troops, the Germans were pushed

back by a counter-attack of Char D1 tanks held in reserve. Further

attempts to cross were defeated by the French with support from a

British paratrooper detachment and US artillery.

The Germans, however, were not done. Reinforced by two Italian

companies, they sent numerous patrols of paratroopers across the river

to infiltrate the west bank. At 0100 hours in the morning the hidden

patrols attacked with satchel charges in coordination with a main

attack. The bridge was taken intact and a bridgehead formed on the

westside. With French forces nearly out of ammunition and the situation

looking bad, the British commander decided to withdraw the detachment of

paratroopers on the afternoon of the 20^th (the British commander was

under orders to preserve his force as much as possible for a future

push). The paratrooper commander, LTC Hill, informed the local senior

French commander that there would be no counterattack and of their plans

to withdraw. Colonel de Caumont decided then to evacuate the locality

and fall back. The remains of 2^nd GE dug-in on djebel El Melah on both

sides of the Wadi Zerga--Beja road. The Germans did not follow.

The Army of Africa, which had just taken up arms again the Axis forces,

delayed for a few days the German advance, allowing the arrival of

British reinforcements. On 22 November the French formally joined the

Allies, who would again occupy Medjez-el-Bab on the 25^th .

*4 RCA*

· 2^nd Group Mounted (GEM) (Major Lambilly)

2^nd and 4^th Squadrons of Horse Cavalry

· 7^th Squadron of Chars (two platoons (9 Char D1)).

· Squadron of the 8^th Guard Legion Recce motorcycle troops with

47mm A/T guns.

*Allied Forces*

· Elements of the 1^st Battalion British Paratroopers

· US 175^th Field Artillery Battalion (in support outside town)

· US A/T gun section (two 37mm)

· US Assault Cannon section (two self propelled 75mm howitzers)

*Axis Forces*

· German paratroopers: 3^rd Battalion 5^th Fallschirmjager Regiment

· Italian infantry battalion

· Various unidentified support units

· Stuka Air support

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If you didn't sign onto our forum you missed the halftrack sales ad and the thread about The Stuffing Must Flow.

We remember that this is a game and enjoy ourselves, and still kick ***.

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Check out our historical history on the real 4RCA at our web site. Since the old HQ forums are gone.

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We'll be at the con. Definitely Madurai, Haikugod and me, you too Breed?

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