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4RCA is a year one squad, still small but still here, and still kicking up a storm.

We are unusual in that a large proportion of our squad has historically been in AHC at any one time. We've had two CinCs in our number and many great officers.

This is the historical recruiting thread, you can see some of our changes over the years.

Contact me or hg, here or in game, if you want to look into the chasseur life.

The historical motto for the real regiment is ‘’ MA VIE EST DANS L’ACTION ‘’

'Our Life Is The Action', you'll see we play it in the game!



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We are back Allied and ready for some kickazz. Hit one of us up when we are ingame.

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HG is back and we are doing the full bore Allied thing. Get some!

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Well, 4RCA has seen better days, but we are still in. Catch me ingame if you want to join.

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Chasseurs will train you up right, you'll be sploding panzers in no time!

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Post here if you are interested. We specialize in anti-tank work, FB control, special ops and high command, we will train you up to be a force on the field.

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HG reupped his account, so we are back and doing what we do, with style panache and heroic charges.



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Song of the Chasseurs d'Afrique


Pour châtier

L’ennemie si habile,

Cent contre mille

Partent sans hésiter,

Soldats, officiers,

Notre ardeur est la même,

Et le troisième

Marche au feu le premier.


Escadrons marchons, escadrons marchons,

Chasseurs d’Afrique à l’avant garde,

Escadrons marchons, escadrons marchons,

La France nous regarde,

En avant escadrons ! en avant ! en avant !


Sur son chemin

Tout cède à l’instant même,

Et le Troisième

Reste seul sabre en main.

Bel Africain

Il s’admire, il se carre,

Fumant son cigare

Sur un débris humain.


Sans rien piller

Le chasseur fait la guerre,

A tout préfère

Ses armes et son coursier.

Mais le vieux troupier

A le cœur romanesque

L’œil de la Mauresque

Seul peut le faire plier.


Notre bras est fort

Notre lame est fine,

Bône et Constantine

S’en souviennent encore.

Grâce à l’essor

De nos coursiers numides,

Sous nos coups rapides

Celui qui tombe est mort.


D’la Porte de fer

En franchissant l’obstacle,

Un beau spectacle

A nos yeux s’est offert :

L’Atlas ouvert

Devant notre bannière

La France, la première

A conquis le désert.


Voilà le désert,

La plaine immense et nue,

Morte inconnue,

La bizarre Smalah,

La gazelle est là,

Près du chacal à l’aise,

Quand la Marseillaise

Retentit dans le désert.



To chastise

The enemy so clever,

One hundred thousand against

Go without hesitation,

Soldiers, officers,

Our passion is the same,

And third

On the first fire.


Squadrons march, marching squadrons,

African hunters at the forefront,

Squadrons march, marching squadrons,

France is watching,

Forward squads! forward ! forward !


On his way

Everything yields to the moment,

And the Third

Remains one sword in hand.

Beautiful African

He admires it square,

Smoking his cigar

On a human debris.


Without plundering nothing

The hunter made war,

At any prefer

His arms and his steed.

But the old trooper

A romance heart

The eye of the Moorish

Alone can bend.


Our arm is strong

Our blade is thin,

Bone and Constantine

Still remember.

With the rise

These Numidian steeds,

Under our quick shots

Whoever falls died.


On the Iron Gate

Crossing the obstacle,

A beautiful show

In our eyes is offered:

The Atlas open

In front of our banner

France, the first

At conquered the desert.


This is the desert,

The huge and bare plain,

Unknown Dead

The weird Smalah,

The gazelle is there,

Near the jackal at ease,

When the Marseillaise

Resounded in the desert.

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