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[ALLIED] RAF 617 Squadron - The DamBusters - Strategic Warfare Squad

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RAF 617 Squadron, The DamBusters, was formed in early March of 2004 by Charlie3 and myself. Prior to founding the squad, Charlie3 and I had been leading the Allied Strategic Bombing War for many months. The enthusiasm we witnessed in the playerbase drove us to create this Squad, dedicated to Sustained Strategic Bombing of the Axis Research Development and Production Facilities. Charlie3 went on to become and retire as the RAF Commanding Officer. I am currently Commanding Officer of the RAF.

Since that time, many members of this squad have become Active RAF Officers and to date, two have served as the RAF Commanding Officer and one has served as the RAF Executive Officer. Several more are still current Group, Wing and Squadron Level Commanding and Executive Officers. This is a very dedicated group of individuals, who understand Strategic Bombing Campaigns and train others to fly these missions quite willingly.

One of the common themes we see in the average World War Two Online player is the interest in History and specifically the Second World War. As with the Second World War, the DamBusters have a History in game and study History, to apply successful tactics to the online game of World War Two Online. We are a fun bunch of nuts who really like nothing better than to rain destruction down on the Axis Factories around the clock.

Our Squad currently has members from around the world. We cover several Time Zones of Play and enjoy the comraderie of teamwork and the expanding of knowledge we gain, simply from talking with one another on teamspeak as we play the game. Our Squad encourages enjoyment in the game and perform other missions outside of Strategic Bombing as well. If the Axis make it, we're more than happy to blow it up!

We encourage you to delve into the complexities of World War Two Online, and more specifically, we invite you to join our "Team" as we continue to Rain Death and Destruction down on the Axis hordes. You will find gameplay much more enjoyable, and you'll survive much longer, if you join a squad early on in your playing of World War Two Online. With Experience comes Knowledge and the DamBusters are a Knowledgebase waiting to teach you the complexities of this Massive Online Player game.

So that you get a better idea of the excitement and enjoyment that is possible in the game, we have included two additional posts in this recrutiment thread. The next post is an AAR (After Action Report) of a week long Strategic Bombing Operation that the Allied Side executed in June of 2004. At the top of that post is a link to a movie of the DamBusters in action, in the game. We encourage you to read the After Action Report so you feel the excitement of the operation. However, if you're not in to reading so much, simply click on the link at the top of the post and you'll get plenty of excitement out of the video. It is a Windows Media File.

The Second post after this one is a post by Charlie3, the DamBusters CO, in which he gives a brief history of the Actual RAF 617 Squadron DamBusters, of their actual World War Two accomplishments. After researching the RAF Bomber Squadrons of the 1940's era, it was decided that this group had a history of successful accomplishments that we would be proud to honor. We encourage you to read that post in it's entirety as well. You will find yourself amazed, at how much you will learn about the actual history of World War Two as you participate in this Massive Online Player Game.

We hope you enjoy the game as much as we do and we invite you to join us by tuning channel 58 ingame or by visiting us at our website:

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Operation "Assimilation" Huge Success at a Cost to the Allies

Dateline....June 22, 2004

View the video of the DamBusters in Flight:

Allied Intelligence has been buzzing with a rumor of a new and deadly weapon the AXIS have this map. This weapon was rumored to be of extraterrestrial origin with destructive powers beyond anything the world has seen to date. Two Days ago, our supreme commander Winston "LexFire" Churchill received an ultimatum from the AXIS forces in which this new weapon was revealed. A quote of the flash message sent to Mr. Churchill is below:

Following your recent unprovoked actions against our civilians in the city of Monchen.Gladbach we would advise your civilian population to take shelter.

Your actions have been directed against our facilities engaged in pure peaceful production, subsequent shortages in bubble bath and cooking utensils have infuriated our Northern brave soldats and retribution must be found in your unconditional surrender.

To this end we have begun the systematic destruction of your production and research facilities in the cities of Cambridge, A....... And Whitstable.

While the civilians will suffer most, your constant war-mongering in attempting to bring our glorious country under the yoke of your oppression, have resulted in our actions to bring the same suffering you have been happy to bring upon us.

The cities have been demolished over the past two days from our excellence in both air and sea and continue until retribution is obtained from your countries.

The Luftwaffe bombers and Kreigsmarine have seen the systematic destruction of all your industrial towns leading to the offer for your unconditional surrender.

We expect your reply within 48 hours.

It was signed by an AXIS commander named "Borg".

24 hours after receiving this ultimatum, The Unified Bomber Command received Flash Orders from the Allied High Command, our orders were simple, reduce the AXIS Factories and Production capabilities to rubble. Mr. "LexFire" Churchill explained in his Flash Orders that the Allies were in a hard spot. The French RDP was sitting at 30 points behind the AXIS while it appeared the AXIS would now try to reduce England to rubble and gain the upper hand in the RDP war, as the BEF forces had been holding their own in the RDP cycle. This could not be allowed to happen, as he explained that never in the history of war, had so few, done so much, for so many. This stirring address to the Bomber Pilots of the Allied Unified Bomber Command brought instant cheers from all of us. Within 12 hours, orders for Opperation "Assimilation" went out to the Air Forces of the Allied War Machine. Unified Bomber Command was to lay rubble to the AXIS in a Sustained and Deadly Bombing Campaign. This Campaign was to run 24 x 7 until the threat was met and defeated.

Beginning Tuesday June 22, 2004, a 24 x 7 Bombing Campaign began against the AXIS. The tonnage droped and the carnage created by this tonnage was simply unbelievable. A heavy, Sustained bombing Campaign went into gear and for the next 6 days, pilots from all forces of the Allied War Machine dropped Iron on the Huns Factories, around the clock. Our Prime Time East Coast Strat Bombers went to work, completely demolishing all AXIS Facrories early Wednesday. For the first time in a long time, there was no RDP Production anywhere on the theater of war in WWIIOL. French, Brit, and Axis RDP all stood at 0% output.

On Wednesday, the war had heated to the point of total destruction. The AXIS held the French and Brit Forces at 0% RDP output for 8 hours, as the Unified Bomber Command, Euro and Asia TZ Flight Leads, held the AXIS production at 0% for a little over 15 hours. What an accomplishment. But it wasn't over yet. No, the war was just beginning. By the end of the day Wednesday, the Brits held on to their 20 point RDP lead, as the French inched ever so closer to the AXIS. Wednesday, French RDP 18 points behind the AXIS.

Thursday saw a slight pause in the pressure from the AXIS as the Unified Bomber Command held the AXIS at 33% total Factory Output the entire day. The coordination and cooperation between all forces of the Allied Side were ongoing, deadly, and continuous. A murderous thunder of Bombs were dropped on AXIS Production Facilities, in a relentless attempt to stay ahead of the AXIS onslaught in England. By the end of the day Thursday, the Brits had increased their RDP lead to 31 points as the French were now only a mere 8 points behind the AXIS.


Friday again saw another slugfest as the AXIS brought French RDP down to 22% for a short time, while taking the Brits to 77% output for about a half day. However, the Unified Bomber Command answered this by holding the AXIS at a total 11% RDP Output, the entire day. This would be the last day the AXIS seriously damaged the Allied RDP for any length of time. It was this day that turned the war. At the end of the day Friday, the Brits were 40 points ahead and the French had caught the AXIS in the RDP war.

Saturday began the Final Push of Operation "Assimilation" as the Unified Bomber Command held the AXIS at 22% output, having only allowed one factory to rebuild since early Thursday. Flights were flown all day and night, maintaining the damage done at a very high damage rate. We were preparing for the final shot. A shot to take the last two facilities down and hold the AXIS at 0% while both Brit and French RDP ticked along at 100%. The final push on operation "Assimilation" was about to come falling down on the AXIS heads. It would be this day that saw the Brits and French take great leaps in the RDP war, and a day that this RDP war would cost the Allies one of the Greatest RDP leaders this game has ever seen.


The final push was here, it's about 11:00 PM Saturday night, east coast time, when we sent out orders to the two organized Strat Bombing Squads in this game, the RAF 617 Dambusters, and the FAF Titans. Assemble immediately at designated AF and prepare to launch the final strike. The RAF 617 Dambusters CO and current RAF CO, charlie3, formed his DamBusters together, target Dusseldorf, while sniper62 formed the Titans, target Koln. A .allied went out, we beefed up the bomber force, added a few and created a little maintenance flight that I led to do maintenance on Monchen Gladbach. The fighter escort we received this trip would be just like we had been receiving the whole operation, numerous and enthusiastic. The order went up, Fighters CAP the AF as we paused for the opportunity to take a few photo's. CAP was set, photos taken, and our recon plane returned the film and respawned a DB7.


Dambusters Started Engines in sequence. They would be the first flight off.


Titans Started Engines, the would be the second flight off, keeping the first flight in sight.


The rumble from the engines was deafening. Hey, Kizmet, crank em up bud, don't fall asleep at the stick. Monchen Gladbach Flight starts up, and the rumble turns to a mummor that you know means death to the Hun. Charlie3 gives the order for his boys to leave, and shortly sniper62 is rolling for Koln. My little flight departs behind sniper62's flight and we are all safely airborne. What a sight and what a sound, to hear all those bombers fire em up at the same time, and then go roaring down the runway. This one is gonna hurt I think, as I lift my gear and we fall in formation, behind the Koln flight. Our intentions with this flight are to get the maximum effect from both the Iron we drop and the EWS we set off. All three cities are going to get major damage, and the EWS for all three cities will go off together. Man I love this game.


We climb up to altitude and the flights settle in. About 30 minutes later, we arrive over target and deliver the Final Blow to the AXIS. All Bombs on Target, all AXIS Facilities Down, and all facilities damaged at almost 100% each. It was a very accurate and deadly blast that the AXIS received on this run.

The radio's chatter with contacts now as we climb hard to get out of the area. DamBusters reporting all Bombs on Target. Titans Reporting all Bombs on Target. Monchen Gladbach is FLAT! 109's over Duss we hear. Multiple 109's over Duss. Charlie3 109 on your six. 109's near the Duss formation. We hear a crazy laugh crackle over the radio, as charlie3 says, keep climbing boys, I'll take em down to the deck......this is why we practice flying under bridges as DamBusters. We all hear charlie3 as he dives down from his flight, 109's following closely behind. There are plenty of bridges we all think, he'll be fine like always, crazy dude. But that's what makes him such a great leader, he doesn't leave the dirty work for anyone else, he does it himself. We hear that laughter again, it's charlie3 saying, "come on loosewaffle, let's see if ya can keep up with the old man". All flights start reporting clear of target as we hear charlie3 chatter...."they're taking pot shots at me, damaging my tail..........control is iffy.............." The fighters have been trying, but they can't get to him......he's on the deck at Dusseldorf. Looks like 4 - 109's on your six charlie3 we hear, as he hollers one more time, come on loosewaffle, come and get it........Bridge in sight, headed in.............................and then a huge explosion reported near Dusseldorf River. Any contacts we ask....negative. None. Not even the 4 chasing him. Chutes we all ask almost at the same time........any visible chutes? After a few quiet seconds..........Negative Chutes.

He's OK we all think, we'll just rtb and wait on him. It's a quiet flight home......just the dronning of engines........and then finally successful rtb. We wait, but no plane, no response on the charlie3. Another 30 minutes wait, and the news comes in that Charlie3 has been listed as KIA. It's a sickening blow. The RAF CO is down. The Leader of the DamBusters, the man who brought RDP to this war on the Allied Side is Down!


But this victory came at a cost. The loss of charlie3 is a loss that will be felt by this entire WWIIOL community. He began his career many years ago in this game as a marine commando. He knew supply and what could be done to hurt it. He was one of the best snipers in the game. He was Marine Commando Brigade Commander, 1 Bomber Group Commander, and finally RAF CO. He founded the RAF 617 DamBusters, and he introduced Strategic Bombing to the Allied War Machine. We're all going to miss you charlie3. And we all wish you the best of luck.


Operation "Assimilation" is a complete success.

This was a well fought battle on both sides. I salute all who participate in the RDP war!

Charlie3 returned to the game 6 months later and is still leading the RAF 617 Squadron DamBusters in battle!

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Quoted from, "Fortress Without A Roof: The Allied Bombing of the Third Reich" by Wilbur H. Morrison

April 24, 1943:

Harris's bombers had attacked the city centers of Brunswick, Munich, and Schweinfurt during the latter part of April, using Mosquito crews from 5 Group who dive-marked with red flares after the aiming points were indentified visually...

Four 617 Squadron Mosquitos led by Wing Commander G.L. Cheshire, with Squadron Leader D.J. Shannon, Flight Lieutenant G.E. Fawke, and Flight Lieutenant R.S.D. Kearns, went to Munich April 24. They had to dive through intense flak while searchlights followed them during the laying of the red spot-flares. With incredible bravery, they lit up the aiming point within a hundred yards and permitted a devastating attack on the city. Remarkably, all returned safely, and Cheshire was singled out for special recognition and was presented with a Victoria Cross....

May 16, 1943

Earlier in the spring, British Wing Commander Guy Gibson had led a raid May 16 against three Ruhr dams with 19 of his 617 Squadron Lancasters. They had been training for weeks to drop new barrellike, counterrotating, 9,500-pound bombs specially desinged by British scientist Dr. Barnes Wallis. To drop them precisely against the wall of each dam, a 240-mile-per-hour speed had to be maintained at exactly sixty feet above the water. Spotlights were attached beneath each bomber in such positions that when the aircraft was sixty feet above the water, their beams converged on the surface.

The Mohere Dam was the first on the target list. Not only did it provide water for four million Germans, but its adjacent electric plant helped to power the huge Ruhr industries.

After release of his bomb, Gibson flew back and forth over the lake while other Lancasters dropped their bombs until the dam was finally breached. For Gibson, it was an awesome sight as the lake emptied like "stirred porridge" into the valley below for fifty miles, engulfing cars as drivers frantically raced ahead of the tumbling waters. Most didn't make it, and as the avalanche of water inundated each car, its lights flickered uncertainly until they were extinguished.

He wired home base at Granthorn, "Goner, from 'G' George," indicating the dam had been breached.

Gibson led the next wave to the Eder Dam. It was quickly blown open and two hundred million tons of water cascaded into the valley below, flooding coal mines and factories for 50 miles downstream.

The dam at Sorpe was next, and Gibson went along to guide the last wave. Heavy fog and low clouds prevented release of the bombs effectively, so they turned for home.

Of the nineteen bombers dispatched on the misison, only ten returned, and 56 out of 133 young men were reported missing, three of them ending up in prisoner-of-war camps.

Gibson, who received the Victoria Cross for the mission, was later killed on another raid. The special squadron he founded, however, went on to win enduring praise for using a variety of Wallis's special weapons. They were the only British squadron to adopt American-style bombing techniques of precision targets, and they were astonishingly successful.

The breach in the Mohne Dam was closed September 23 before the rainy season, and the power plant repaired. The Germans diverted hundreds of antiaircraft guns to the dams for their future defense, so the raids could not be repeated....

June 5, 1944

The night before the invasion (D Day), two squadrons of Lancasters - including those of the highly skilled 617 Squadron - performed an unusual service to confuse the Germans about the exact destination of the invasion forces and to convince them that the Allies planned to land near Boulogne and Cape Antifer instead of Normandy.

A special type of foil chaff "window" was dropped in bundles from a precise height so that these metal strips would simulate a large number of ships on German radar screens. So precise was the dropping along previously established flight paths that they simulated a convoy crossing the Channel at seven knots.

Lancasters circled the Channel for five hours, flying a series of precise overlapping paths, each series coming closer and closer to the Normandy coast. This was a remarkable navigation feat and gained the Allies valuable hours to make their prescribed landings. The Germans were comletely taken by the ruse....

Still other British forces from 3 Group released bundles of "window" to simulate a much larger force that the Allies actually had, even dropping dummy parachutists and machines that made noises like rifle fire and battle sounds as a diversion from the real airborne landings in Normandy....

Autumn 1944 (after the Allies had liberated France)

The Americans and the British were desperately short of bombs; more tons of bombs were dropped on Germany than had been released during the whole of 1943. By the end of the year, the Royal Air Force alone had devastated or seriously damaged 80 percent of all German cities with prewar populations of 100,000 or more.

The Ruhr was kept under constant attack to prevent rebuilding of previously damaged factories. This key industrial area relied upon its own internal transport for survival, and it had its own gas and electricity grids. So great was the aerial destruction of lines of communication by the RAF that production came to a halt in many places. Due to continued autumn bombing, the Ruhr was rapidly reduced to a wasteland of devastated cities and factories.

Wing Commander Willie Tait's 617 Squadron added to the destruction greeting Eisenhower's armies by breaching the Kems Dam on the Rhine in order to prevent the Germans from controlling the river's level and perhaps flooding the valley when the Allies tried to cross the river. He personally led thirteen Lancasters in spectacular drops of "Tallboy" bombs, special weapons developed by Dr. Barnes Wallis.

The Dortmund-Ems and Mittelland canals, indispensable to the Germans for transport of coal, ore, and heavy equipment to and from the Ruhr, were bombed repeatedly by the British so that canals would be kept drained despite German efforts to repair them. Most missions were flown by 617 Squadron using Wallis's twelve-thousand-pound thin-case bombs. One bomb could breach a bank and flood the countryside.

Wing Commander Tait led 11 Lancasters of his 617 Squadron, loaded with Tallboys, against the Dortmund-Ems Canal aqueduct near Munster. Another 125 Lancasters of 5 Group with smaller bombs and 5 Mosquitoes for markings also participated in the raid. Their intent was to breach the banks of the canal, which were above the level of the countryside at this point, and drain it.

Their bombs were aimed so well that six and a half miles of the canal were drained, beaching many barges carrying vital cargoes. The Germans promply repaired the banks in the coming months, but the British went out each time and breached them again.

After these raids, made especially dangerous by fog and mist at low levels, 617 Squadron was down to six crews. As a result of these atacks and other strikes against rail centers, coal production between the middle of August and February of the following year was cut in half. With coal strictly rationed, locomotives were idled because there was no coal to run them. With coal lines disrupted, factories ceased producing. The million and a half people thus forced out of jobs were put to work to repair breaches in the canals, but their efforts proved fruitless.

Happy Hunting - and thus is the tradition of the DamBusters.

This is the story of the Dam Busters - a still active squadron in the RAF today. We pay tribute to these awesome pilots by using their namesake in a massive video game called World War Two Online. Our squadron of gamers is tasked with leveling factories to affect Axis research, development and production in the game. We also provide close air support by raining bombs on Axis armor, artillery and troops.

Feel free to browse our forums and if interested, inquire about joining the team by posting in the New Recruit Section.



Commanding Officer

RAF 617 Squadron

The DamBusters

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Join now and see europe from the skies and have the joy of seeing fighters flying with the only objective -get you back safe.!

Allied Bomber Command - taking the airwar back to where it belongs.

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The Axis are starting to respond to our strategic bombing.

They have just flown a large co-ordinated bomber formation across the map to attack British RDP.

We need bomber pilots and fighter escorts more than ever now, to stay on top of the RDP game.

Come along for a fly with us and see what all the comotion is about.

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Operation Slingshot is about to begin.

The aim is to get 100 bombers with fighter escorts into the air, and reduce German factory towns to rubble.

Join the fun, and do some damage.

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The operation was a huge success and alot of fun, even though we fell a little short of the 100 aircraft we aimed for.

All up there were over 80 aircraft participating and we took Koln from 0% to over 60% damage, with the loss of only 2 aircraft.

A great effort by all concerned, and one which made a dent in the German RDP which the Axis will find hard to recover from.

Operation Seven Deadly Sins has commenced. See the AHC forums for details, and how you can take part.

Tune channel 3 and say hello, we're happy to help anyone who is willing to learn.

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It's ladies night tonight at 617 Squadron Dambusters.

All ladies get in at half price.

Too good to be true?

Bring your friends.

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This Squad is a bunch of freaks! You have been warned! It is the Goal of this Squad and all Allied Strategic Bombers to form the first ever 100 Bomber RAid in this GAME. We have come close.


But this was not enough -We are at present planning for even bigger and better organised flights next map. Dont miss out on being involved in what truly is an immersive experience involving 100 plus other players working together to achieve the same thing. -FUN-


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I have nothing against factories as such. I've never met a factory I didn't like.

But that won't stop me from dropping heavy ordnance on them just for being on the wrong side. If they don't like it, they can always surrender, and bring their machine shops, warehouses and plant over to France or England. We've given them good warning, and you can't ask fairer than that.

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