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[ALLIED] RAF 617 Squadron - The DamBusters - Strategic Warfare Squad

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If you've never experienced the high level air action in the game then you've missed quite a thrill. We're always happy to train new players. Feel free to check in with us on channel 3 or 55 ingame.

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One week into campaign 36 and the Dambusters and friends are contibuting significantly to the Allied war effort. Over 150 bombing sorties flown so far and 270,000+ pounds of love delivered to the Axis homeland.

Allied and Axis pilots alike are enjoying the ensuing air battles. Watch our training material, join us on a run or two and see what we're all about!

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After a highly successful round the clock strategic bombing campaign during the Allied victory in Campaign 36, the Dambusters were awarded their third CinC Unit Commendation in recognition of their efforts as noted below.

CinC Unit Commendation


Awarded by the CinC to recognize exceptionally commendable performance by participating member units of AHC while serving along side other squads or AHC units during AHC operations. It is the highest AHC unit commendation awarded.

Awarded to the Following:



53rd Shadow Falcon Raiders

22nd Mechanized Infantry Regiment

As Campaign 37 begins, we need pilots and crews to keep taking the fight to the Axis Homeland. Join us and become part of the legendary 617!

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The 617 Dambusters have again been recognized by the Allied High Command for their outstanding efforts in slowing the Axis RDP and resupply effort during historic Campaign 37, the "truce" campaign.

Allied Unit of the Week:

This is something that is normally not done but I felt was something that needed to be said for this week I am awarding the RAF 617 Squadron the Dambusters the Legion of Merit and Allied Unit of the week awards.

The Dambusters are by far the most dedicated bomber group in World War II Online their actions speak louder then words to the point were I am speechless. Constantly through out a whole campaign they do Strategic bombing runs inflicting great damage on the Axis war machine to point were the Allies almost always have a big advantage after every RDP turn. Their actions don’t stop at RDP runs but also when called upon level and destroy Axis attacks from the air and ensure Allied victories. They are a unit that prides themselves on making sure that they get the bombs in the pickle barrel all the time and ensuring that the Allied players flying width hem are having fun.

Here are the statistics for the Dambusters so far this map they are impressive.

RAF 617 Squadron, The DamBusters, performed the following Mission Sorties this Campaign:

Campaign Bomber Missions Flown - 327

Campaign RTB Rate - 73%

Shot down after dropping bombs - 18%

Shot down before dropping bombs - 9%

Campaign Escort Missions Flown - 29

Total Enemy Fighters shot down - 6

Total Campaign Bombs on Factories - 591,500 Pounds

I S! all members of the Dambusters for there actions thus far this campaign. Wear these awards with pride as you have all earned them S!

Furthermore, the 617 was awarded its first Suprior Unit Award at the conclusion of Campaign 37

Greetings Ballew; I would like to nominate the Dambusters for the Superior Unit Award. During this last campaign the intense efforts at Factory Bombing kept the Axis days behind us in RDP. There efforts also slowed down the return of vehicles and munitions to the front lines.

They truly deserve this metal for the undying devotion to duty and bombing of the factories.

Respectfully Submitted

Rdaneel, Marshall of the RAF

This is approved by me Ballew Commander in Chief of the Allied forces post it up in the forums Rdaneel and notify the CO of the Dambusters as well please believe it is Kizmet. They have done excellent work this campaign as well as many others and are not out for the glory


Allied Forces CinC

With TOE's now a reality, and radar on the horizon, the effects of coordinated bombing will play an even more critical effect on the strategic war effort.

The Dambusters are looking for willing pilots to take to the skies in a bomber or escort fighter and continue their dedicated service to the Allied High Command.

Visit our website and forums (click the sig) for more information and join one of the most decorated and respected squads in WWIIOL today!

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Things really have changed with TOE. If you haven't flown in the Strategic Bombing War in game, you're missing one hell of a good time.

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Want some fun?...come join the craziest punch of guys in game...I've heard that kizmit and Barely have sheep to spare! (Seen some woolly ones in their flocks too)


Learn to Level Bomb

Learn to pilot a bomber

Created by a real pilot !!!

S! Codguy

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