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Does this announcement delay v1.20?

Guys, there's nothing mysterious here.

The publisher in NA (Trisynergy) and Playnet/CRS decided we weren't ready (pre-sales, markiting [sic], P.R.) and because we slipped into October we were going to be competing with a bunch of 'A' titles for shelf space.


Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood

Black & White 2

Quake 4

Age of Empires III

Civilization IV


Heroes of the Pacific

Call of Duty 2

City of Villains

Star Wars Battlefront II



Battlefield 2: Special Forces

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

The Matrix: Path of Neo

Anarchy Online: Lost Eden

Peter Jackson's King Kong

These 'A' titles have a lot of marketing [sic] money behind them. That means the publishers PAY a lot of money to the retailers for the best/most shelf space plus in-store displays, shelf hangers etc etc. We do not have that budget.

As a result, an October, November, December release of BE in North America would likely mean a very poor result.

We announced this decision last week. Naturally Trisynergy has to tell the retail channel something but because we havent decided excatly which new date to target, they threw a date at them to basically make the release "pending". This is not abnormal with games as you guys know. Titles get pushed back all the time. It's the nature of the beast.

As for the EB delisting, Im still following that up but I suspect it may have to do with the EB/Gamestop merger and the upcoming single-brand online store.

It's not what we wanted and I know its a bummer for guys who pre-ordered and were hoping for a new box sooner rather than later but these decisions are made with the best interest of the title in mind.

We have to be very careful not to make any more mistakes in North America or we'll never have retail as an opportunity again.

None of this effect the Euro release because:

1. Its a different publisher - GMX

2. There's not as much product competition for shelf space

3. This title has never been available in Europe before

4. We have a much bigger marketing [sic] budget.

I hope this clears up some questions.


Al 'Rafter' Corey

Playnet Markiting

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No. That is for the BE release in North America only. You are playing the version planned for release already.

Gophur has a nice update on 1.20 in the Production Notes for you.

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It is set for box release. 1.20 is planned to be out before the box is released.

Gophur posted when was released that it was being sent for the Gold CD for the boxes.

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