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Please if you have time. (Settings)

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If anyone has time that really is on top of all the tweaks ect that helps in ww2 please if you have time, look at my settings ect and let me know if there is anything I can tweak that I may have over looked.

Running 2x AA - 2x AF

Image Setting HQ


A8N32-Sli Asus Mobo

AMD 4200 x2

1gig Corsair Ram

7800 GTX

Seems I should get better frame rates. But maybe not. In city big fights 15-20. Thats looking into city.

WW2 Settings:

shademode gouraud

bdithering false

bspecular true

texturereduction false

sound Realtek AC97 Audio

bsoundenable true

b3dsoundenable true

video NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX

resolution 1600x1200x32

bnoframerunahead false

bnolocktorefresh true

gammared 1.000000

gammagreen 1.000000

gammablue 1.000000

bshowinfo true

shadowsizeselect 0

volumemultiplier 100.000000

musicmultiplier 1.000000

hudvisible 0

fogscaleselector 0

maxnumbersounds 32

suppressmuzzlesmoke false

suppressmuzzlelight false

suppresstracersmoke false

lodfieldofview false

lodlimitperframe false

bcursorenabled false

friendlycolor 16711680

enemycolor 255

squadcolor 16777215

missioncolor 8388608

missionleadercolor 7925840

language 0

ambientlevel 2

radialclutter false

radialdensity 0.680000

radialradius 0.680000

visplayerlimit 2

fsaasamples 0

fsaahighquality false

soundhighquality true

soundforcestereo false

soundconvertonload true

capturealldisplays true

enableh2oshaders false

postrenderfilter false

grassshader false

normalmaps false

waterreflections false

reflectionupdate 0

wantmessagealert true

usenetworkroute 0

Thanks so much for ya's time !

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could be but i'm using the same sound card and still have more then 20 fps in a hart fighted town with a less powerful pc ;)

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That actually looks about right, doing full screen AA on 1600x1200 is going to hurt your performance quite a bit when you're in a city with so many polygons to draw.

If you do want to see how much the soundcard is affecting performance, simply uncheck "enable sound" in Settings, and then log in and see how it plays with a battle going on around you.

You should also see how much the AA is affecting your performance with the same kind of test.

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Thanks alot guys for the input.

I switched off the sound, noticed no change really.

As for AA, man the game gets ugly without any. I don't run 6x's like some folks, x2 is good enough for me. But I never got a great improvement with 2x aa off, some, but not that much, not enough to justify the ugly that results turning it off :P

As for drivers, I run 84.x drivers. The 91.x drivers KILL my fps, and all my water shaders are off, and it still kills my fps. 20's in offline mode lol.


Yes I have been to your sight before. Very good info.

( ps if you use nVidia original 0.9x driver then u need to deactivate specular )

If I turn specular off will that fix the fps issue? and what happens to the quality in the game? I tried the 91.x drivers a few times already, but always the same results, so I have to clean out the old ones and revert back to 84.x drivers.

And yes, a new sound card is on my list anyways, but that is not causing the big fps hit. Tested it, but will test again tonight in much bigger fight, tested earlier today in a somewhat big city and fight, and noticed no real improvements.My old sound card is a SB Live, the orginal, very 1st one out lol, very dated. So when I upgraded I read the new sound chips like whats in my Asus A8n32 Sli mobo are not to bad. Not great I know, but better than the old chips. So I decided to make my sound card my last upgrade piece. And leave the old so old sound card I had to collect dust.

I wish they would support dual core! It would be like an upgrade if they would ever add the code, if they can that is.

Oh btw, I am running the test exe file and NT mode.

I'll keep my eye on this thread if any other ideas come to mind. Thanks alot guys for the suggestions, some of ya I have seen help alot of folks here, S! to ya for the kindness...

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