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I'm posting a lot of CTHL info here. Will try to clean it up and add more info soon.


Users who have been experiencing CTHLs with 1.23 and continued to do so with 1.23.6 should note the following:

. Dialup Users: The minimum spec for the game requires a 56kbps connection, we provide no guarantee of functionality for 28.8kbps connections.

. 56kbps users and below: may experience reduced play quality if they enable the "Medium" or "High" Visible Player Limit in settings.

. 64kbps ISDN users are recommended to use "Medium" or "Low".

. Network selection: With 1.23 we have introduced a settings option to let you manually select which of our networks you will play across.

* The default network option, "Use Best", chooses based on response speed which does not necessarily guarantee the best connection.

. LinkSys Wireless/Speedbooster Router Users Please contact LinkSys for advice on ensuring you have the latest Firmware on your router and for correctly setting the "Fragmentation Length" settings.

. Belkin users Some players have found the Belkin connection manager software interferes with their TCP connections in such a way as to cause CTHLs and other issues. Players found that uninstalling the manager software and only installing the drivers greatly improved their internet access and reduced or eliminated CTHLs in-game.

. Windows XP users By default Microsoft install and enable a "QoS Packet Scheduler" on all Windows XP network connections. It is highly recommended that you disable and uninstall this feature to generally improve your Internet access. For instructions on uninstalling QoS, please see It may also help if you turn off the WinXP firewall (

. nVidia nForce users The nVidia firewall is known to cause a host of issues with TCP connections, and has proven highly problematic for WWII users.

Why is it only WWIIOL that suffers these problems?

The foremost reason is that the PvP and Simulation nature of our product requires that we not allow any loss of data. For this reason we use the same, reliable, network protocol that applications such as web browsers and mail software use (TCP). Other games largely use a "lossy" protocol (UDP). As a result some of the hacks and tweaks that Web accelerators and some networking products employ to give the appearance of a faster internet connection can directly impact our product, usually by disabling or crippling the "good neighbor" aspects of the TCP protocol.

It's easy to compare our game against others such as Eve and WoW and find it wanting in certain aspects - both these games display similar concentrations of players to our game, and both of them have heavy PvP elements.

However, unlike our game, they both rely on targeting systems rather than player "twitch" skills, and neither of them is overly concerned with collision physics and concealment, so the accuracy with which you can see an enemy isn't of great concern. WoW simply sends vastly less updates as visible players increase, and Eve minimizes the number of potential updates that can be generated in any area by using simple trajectories for all moving objects, and severely limiting the frequency with which a player can change them.

Imagine if, as an infantryman, plane or tanker, you could only move by clicking the location on the ground you wish to move to, and only being allowed to enter a new click once every 5 seconds.

What is this QoS thing?

QoS i think means Quality of Service, its effectively an enforced cap on your network speed. Your over all netork performance is a series of peaks and troughs, what QoS does is to slow you down to a speed of no higher than 1 of the troughs, so that as the network fluctuates you dont see any change.

Think of it like driving along a very hilly road flat out, say on the flat parts you can drive at 120 mph, 110mph up the hills and 130 mph coming down the other side. QoS is effectively a speed restrictor of say 105 mph. You the driver experience constant performance, even though it is below the potential of your vehicle.

Or something like that :P

I'm getting lag since this new update!

If this is the case, please review the advice and information above again. Most importantly, visit the "Network Route" option in our settings application to see if choosing the Primary or Secondary network specifically improves your connection and gameplay experience.


The NETCHECK Utility

In your /Battleground Europe/ folder is a file called ww2_netcheck.bat. If you run that, it will generate a file called netcheck.txt. This file has information on your connection and also does a dxdiag check and puts all that info into one file. And if you have WinXP Pro, it will list all the processes running on your system at the time you ran it, and how much RAM they're using. It also puts your config settings in there as well (it's one-stop shopping for relevent system info - if only we could get it to cut out dxdiag info after the Sound Devices section).

It will do traceroutes to our game servers on both networks and show dropped packets with asterisks. Dropped packets very bad. Run that .bat file to see if your connection shows any.

Also, please always try with the Visual Player Limit set to Low when you are having a problem as this decreases the size of packets sent to you (at higher settings, it becomes more likely that some packets get lost on various routes).

If you've got WinXP Pro, the list of processes running is often key. Many people don't realize how much unnecessary stuff is running. One of the worst problems is processes/programs that look for updates on the internet, which can happen a lot with anti-virus and spyware programs, but also with a lot of other programs. Some of these check the net for an update WAY too often (several times a minute), and can interfere with your connection.

You'll see lines like this:

avgcc.exe 792 Console 0 5,320 K Running (network)\(username) 0:00:00 AVG 7.1 Network Edition - Control Center

I think it is a good idea to run MSCONFIG from Start->Run, go to the Startup tab on the far right of the window that comes up, and turn off everything you don't recognize as being immediately necessary when you start your computer. You can always recheck the boxes to get them to begin on startup again.

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Many that has had CTHLs with the 1.24 version of the game have fixed it by port forwarding their routers: TCP ports 27015 through 27021

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