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Test Patch Showing When I Am Mission Leader

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When I am a mission leader I have the test patch on my uniform.

I am getting really upset about INF predicter code. INF are sliding all over the place, popping in, sliding half across the room in a dive, and sometimes they drop and it skips the animation of dropping. I have shot guys 2 times at point blank range in the heart and he turns and killz me and all I get is a wounded. And even me and a INF shot each other, we looked at each other kinda puzzled then few seconds later we both drop down dead. Shot timings between enemies are not matching up. Its a big damn mess. It is imposible to guard anything. Happens whether I am on 64k and or my main 500k DSL. I havent seen it this bad since the game first came out. Honestly thoughts of quitting over it have came to mind since I mostly play INF. But I hope it is something that will be tweaked and fixed soon.


Also get rid of the 2-D stuff so rifles and smgs can kill AT guns and such.


If your going to have radial clutter you need to force it or no one will use it.

I sure dont use it. I turn off any thing that hinders my sights ie. post ender filter. I would turn off weather if I could but I see it is being forced:). To me it was a complete waste of time to add this stuff unless you force everyone to use it. Its just plain silly to waste time on those things that can be turned off. No one is going to purposely make it harder to see crawling INF just cause the grass looks good.

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