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Technical Issues

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Okay... I reinstalled WWII, changed my sound driver to Primary (from Sigmatel?) and res to 1024x768x32, now I can click on Okay at the MOTD, at which point I get a black screen, lol.

Can somebody please share their settings and info on how to force quit?

Win XP pro, btw..


I have a MBR 2.0GHZ, 1 GIG ram, 256mb video x1600, I have had all those problems, and have managed to overcome them, and the game runs at 30-45fps currently - no studders. I wrote a guide on how to do this, but it dissapeared from this forum.

I will write another one in here hopefully this time it will stay.

Step 1: Goto ATI website and download the latest drivers for desktops (no the mobile catalyst)

Step 2: Download the ATIMod tool v.4.0 or better. (Read the instructions here: Download the tool here: (dont donwload the v. 3 tool, get the one here:

Step 3: Run the ATI installer - and let it run as far as it can go - before it gives you an error message and quits saying it doesnt work, blah, blah.

Step 4: After ATI jus told you that you cant install their driver, run the mod tool you just downloaded. It should find the drivers on your hdd, and ask you if you "want to go mobile" or something similar. Say yes and the latest ATI drivers are now installed on your Macbook - which will give you the best performance available with a right side up screen.

Step 5: Still not FULLY satisfied with performance? Now you need to donwload the ATITools v. 0.25 - 14 from here (yes 0.25 - 15 is out - you need 0.25 -14 dont run 15 unless you dont like your mbp) The download link is this:

Install and run this tool - I play in the region of 400mhz clock / 400 mhz memory you can try more if you want - some people do 470/470 which is the recomended ATI speed...up to you how you do this bit.

I hope this helps everyone, and please dont remove the thread whomever removed it last time, cause I am not spending the time to write this stuff out so others can just delete it ;)

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