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      Attention Soldiers Operation Fury Needs you!   02/20/2020

      Attention All Soldiers, Operation Fury needs you.  You need to choose a side and sign up.  
      For more intel on Operation Fury Please click HERE Please go to Special Event Forum (here), And sign up for allied or axis.
      This will be a CRS Lead event on both sides.  Xoom will be heading up the axis side and Heavy265 will be heading up the Allied side. This will be for bragging rights.
      Why are we asking players to sign up you ask. We are trying for a role play experience.   We want this to be a true realistic event.  
      So get up and sign up and let's make this the best event ever!!!!!!!!!!
      Give me your war cry, grrrrrrrrrrrrr
      Heavy265 **out**
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[Allied] 22nd Mechanized Infantry Regiment

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22nd Mech part of 2AB need good squad and team players

If you think you have what it takes to be part of an elite fighting force, whether on the ground, on the seas or in the air then visit:


S! And good luck

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Why not join one of the largest, most active, and well organised squads in game. We are currently looking to boost our

presence in the air, and their are slots waiting in the fighter, and fighter bomber squadrons. We are represented across all TZs

with a heavy Euro & GMT presence. Come and check us out in game and on TS. Look for the <22nd> tag on Teamspeak

you can't miss us, just look for the longest list ;)

Join the fighting 22nd Airwing, where pilots are made. PM me here or in game, or visit www.22ndmech.com

and support the allied offensive.

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A WWII Online Role Playing Squad

Website: Http://www.22ndmech.com

Current # of members: 414

The 22nd Mechanized Infantry Regiment Requires that you:

- Are interested in teamwork

- Can follow instructions/orders

- Read your mail & scan the forums (regularly)


- Will use TeamSpeak

The 22nd Mechanized Infantry Regiment Offers:

- Great teamwork and a great team spirit

- Regular Training

- Helpful Officers

- Uniform Signatures


22nd Mechanized Infantry Regiment – CO: Air Commodore Igorsunc,

|-----Infantry Battalion - CO:Sres


|-----The Armour Battalion - CO:Fegor


|-----Household Artillery - CO:Masterp


|-----Air Wing – CO: Group Captain Exelence

The 22nd Mechanized Infantry Regiment is a part of the British Expeditionary Force on mainland Europe, and a AHC unit in:

BEF I Corps

2nd Armoured Brigade

22nd MIR is a 24/7 squad operating from every corner of the globe. In the main we operate as a unit using text and TS communications, although we do accept that people sometimes want to do their own thing.

We have a regular training night where we visit every aspect of the game. We also have weekly meetings where all are encouraged to have their say about the squad and game.

If you feel that relate to any of the above and are looking for a squad then either contact me or visit the web site: www.22ndmech.com

New members are requested to register there and will be contacted through our recruitment officer.

Air commodore Igorsunc

Commanding Officer

22nd Mechanized Infantry Regiment


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Are you looking for a sqaud that has teamwork, leadership and veteran teachers? If you are willing to participate at least 30 min a week to the squad and remain Allied for the campaign? If yes to both then the 22nd Mech is for you. We have neumerous AHC oficers and and helpful personel on 24/7. We are the get it done squad of the Allies. We will do anything for the war effort. We accept people from all personas. From ground punders to ATG's to the sea to the wild blue yonder (we are thinking of the infinates of space but have yet to find a V2). Hope to see you on the baatlefield.

P.S. If you like 3CD but like our principles we work with 3CD and WillyTee with the rest of 2AB squads.

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